Moving in together? 5 tips on how to merge your styles and décor

Find a style that suits decorating your new home as a couple

You've relished for so long living alone and in creating your very own perfect haven just for yourself, when the next stage in your relationship presents itself. Moving in together. It's exciting and it's fun but it can also be quite frustrating. You might have already created space in the bathroom for a toothbrush or cleared a drawer in your bedroom, but that just won't cut it. You've got to share all your space, which can be really daunting at first, especially if you don't have the same ideas about design! Compromise is key in any relationship and that certainly applies to your home, too. So don't fret, read our 5 tips for merging styles and settle those décor disputes before they begin!

Get organised

moving house with green car and wooden stairs

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The first thing you should both do is think about you want to bring into the shared home. You need to be prepared to purge and have a clear out; you're moving in together so this has to be a joint effort.
You can't expect your partner to get rid of most of their things whilst you keep the majority. So a great starting point is for you both to write a list of items that you will willingly toss, sell or store, then you can compare notes and agree on what is put into your new mutual space. Both can't live without your trusty toasters? Well, you just need to play fair and enact some good old-fashioned compromise.

Combine colours

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If the compromise to keep your treasured vintage steamer trunk as a coffee table is to set up the latest 48-inch television then find the best way to make the scheme work for you both. If you love blue and have all your accessories in a complete spectrum of coordinating shades but your partner is bringing boxes full of items in another colour, don't panic.
Contrasting colours is a big trend and here to stay, so a mix of hues won't be a problem. Colours from complete opposites on the spectrum can look absolutely fantastic together, so pick out your favourites and mix and match.

Find a style


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Look through both sets of existing belongings and agree on key statement items and create a mutual style look from there. Then shop together to find complementing accessories to create a look that is specific to you, as a couple. It can actually be quite fun and also helps to avoid arguments down the line, when you've jointly chosen a particular scheme. Make it easy, and create a moodboard that combines both your styles to find a look you both love.

Double act

colourful country living room with sofa cushions and coffee table

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You may not need two kettles but there's no reason why you can't double up on some other items. Mix-matched chairs look fantastic around a dining table, as does a group of cushions of different patterns and textures. Before trying to get your items taking precedence, think about utilizing a bit of both your styles to create a totally unique look to you, as a new unit.

Make it personal

blue living room with ombre effect wall

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One of the great joys of living together is that you have a new DIY buddy. Next time you need to hang some picture frames or repair a broken curtain rail, you'll have someone to help steady the spirit-level. But not only that, it's really exciting to be able to come up with new decorating ideas alongside someone else and tackle the tasks together. Go for it and give a totally new look a try to make it personal to you both.