How to make a long bench seat cushion

Follow these easy instructions for sewing a long bench seat cushion, from Country Homes & Interiors

dining room with dining table and wooden chairs

(Image credit: TBC)

Make a comfy bench seat cushion from your favourite fabrics.

You will need

• Main fabric (we used Mini Bouquet, 1252-1 on Linen, £70 a metre, Elanbach)
• Polyester wadding cut to fit (We used 3 layers of 1.5cm thick wadding. Try HM Textiles)
• Matching thread
• Pins
• Needle

Step 1) Cut two 97cm by 33cm rectangles in main fabric. Place right sides facing and matching raw edges all round and pin together. Stitch all round taking a 1.5cm seam and leaving a 50cm gap along one long edge. Remove pins.

Step 2) Turn through and press. Open up the gap along the long edge and carefully ease the cushion cover in place over the wadding, working it into each of the corners for a neat fit. Neatly slip stitch the opening closed.

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