Take a tour of this elegant yet edgy London apartment

We’re just loving this designer home with cool ideas, luxe materials – and high rise views of the Thames

Everywhere you look in this New York-meets-London style apartment you see an homage to the view. It's high-end luxe with an edge that makes it cool rather than too clever. It rocks an open-plan feel with an industrial yet opulent vibe - a very clever combination

living room with grey sofa and photo frame

(Image credit: TBC)

The living room is based around shades of grey, layered with plush furnishings and brought to life with oversized art and pops of glamorous gold.
‘There is plenty of wood and concrete in the mix too - I wouldn't want anything too "comfortable," says the owner.

bar counter with bottles and frame

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The kitchen at one end of the open-plan living has the look and feel of a New York bar, with plenty of space for creating cocktails. There is a marble-clad bar where friends can sit and chat while the owner cooks. ‘I wanted t explore a sense of craftsmanship with the kitchen,' she says. ‘I love the combination of wood and steel, with the sliding fluted-glass panels inspired by library ladders.'

living room with sliding glass door and wall painting

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Although it's not huge, the apartment is designed with little zonesof interest that give the eye lots of different points to focus on, wherever you sit. ‘This is where I tend to wake up with a morning coffee, thinking about the day ahead,' says the owner.

bedroom with sliding window and painting

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The master bedroom is serene and enveloping. It's a contrast to the open-plan space of the living room where the owner spends a lot of her time.
'Here I can draw the curtains, watch films and relax - the interiors equivalent of putting on my PJs and taking off my make-up' she says. But on sunny days she throws open the curtains to bask in the secluded view of the river below.

dramatic hallway with photo frame

(Image credit: TBC)

A dramatic hallway welcomes visitors. ‘I like to create a big entrance,'
says the owner of the ‘"jewel box" space with concrete walls. Mirrored glass hides generous storage and makes the space feel larger. And up-scaled art adds to the impact of course.

river thames bridge with lights and ships

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The view of the River Thames is what sold the apartment to the owner.
‘At night with the lights off inside you can see the bridge all lit up,' she says. There is an outside terrace that wraps around the apartment.
‘It's a great place for drinks with friends - the perfect way to end the day.'