What symmetry can do for your home

From creating impact in the tiniest washroom to giving an elegant flair to a rustic space, here are eight things symmetry can do for your home.

We're all about the unexpected, fun and eclectic when it comes to interiors, but there's no denying that a bit of tried-and-tested symmetry can go a long way in anchoring a scheme. From creating impact in the tiniest washroom to giving an elegant flair to a rustic space, here are eight things symmetry can do for your home.

purple wall with skateboard wooden flooring and painting on wall

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1. First impressions

See how things are always better in twos? The footstools and matching light fittings frame the centrally placed oversized art to perfection while dark hues and plush velvet textiles make for one dramatic yet easily achievable hallway scheme.

living room with white walls and sofa set with cushions

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2. Touch of elegance

Love the relaxed feel of rustic style but want it to remain chic, too? Symmetry is your ticket. In this elegant yet inviting space, matching sofas mirror each other and frame the centrally placed coffee table and fireplace. Evenly spaced wooden beams and windows on either side further enhance a sense of balance.

bedroom with white walls wooden flooring and bed with cushions

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3. A restful haven

Symmetry = Zen, and where better to implement it that in a space meant for rest. You don't even have to go matchy-matchy on furniture – here, the space is anchored with two strategically placed pendant lights for a modern yet harmonious scheme.

attic room with white walls wooden flooring and dinning table with chair

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4. Dining in style

Lining up several pendant lights above a dining table might be the oldest trick in the book, but note how it's taken to the next level here with the symmetry of fittings counterbalancing the sloped ceiling. Geometric prints and graphic shelving further enhance the balanced feel of this bright, open-plan space.

black wall with wash basin and bulb with stand on wall

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5. Maxing out

Keeping things symmetrical is the easiest shortcut to making a statement in the smallest room in the house. Here, a tiny washroom seems grander than its size thanks to luxe light fittings framing the central mirror and opulent black basin. So simple yet so effective.

white walls dinning table with chair and yellow curtains with trees

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6. Method to the madness

A daring, larger-than-life approach to decorating in this eclectic dining room could easily feel overpowering but instead screams ultra-glam. The key to making the giant ceiling globes, clashing patterns, full-length gold drapes and indoor fig trees work? Yep, it's all in the symmetry.

bedroom with white walls and wooden bed with cushions

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7. Oversized thinking

Choosing a large four-poster bed that almost fills the space means that the small bedroom takes on a drama of its own. The result is striking with a real wow-factor but also a calm feel thanks to the matching bedside cabinets, light fittings and central positioning of the bed.

white walls armchair with plant in vase and carpet on flooring

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8. Cornered

Two matching armchairs, one side table and a strategically placed rug is all you need to create an inviting focal point in any space. In a world full of distractions, some restful harmony surely is a welcome thing.

Thea Babington-Stitt
Thea Babington-Stitt

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