Amazing garden dens to escape reality

Be inspired to create the ultimate hideaway in your garden with these whimsical garden den ideas

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There is something so nostalgic and lovingly juvenille about finding a small space in your garden (the more hidden the better!) to hide-away and get away from it all.

We've found our favourite garden dens from Pinterest, Instagram and around the net so you can set to work building your own enchanting outdoor retreat.

Urban garden den

urban garden

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This integrated garden den is a perfect example of how to maintain a contemporary look while providing children with a sophisticated garden spot for playing outdoors. The exterior of this outdoor room has been designed in line with the garden fence so it blends perfectly into its urban surroundings.

Rustic Wigwam style garden den

rustic wigwam style garden den

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This DIY garden was made by a father and son team and combines the branch of an oak tree in the structure for authentic charm. Old roofing slates have been added for the builders to personalise with chalk written signs. The finished den conjures up camping weekends complete with campfires and toasted marshmallows.

High rise safari lodge garden den with slide

garden with house and plant

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The parent makers of this impressive garden den had ambition which most definatley paid off. The superb structure has a homely safari lodge look to it thanks to the open front and curtains. A painted veranda keeps the elavated position safe while a colour co-ordinated slide makes getting down all the more fun.

Bohemian garden den

colourful ribbon covered garden den

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This basic wooden structure was built at The Wilderness Festival and has been brought to life with an array beautiful ribbons, colourful pompom garlands and country bunting. The enchanting haven is then anchored with a collection of pretty potted plants and aromatic herbs to become a calming and restful retreat for all the senses.

Pirates style garden den

wolfs garden den

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Ahoy there! This pirate-themed garden den is a great example of how you can totally transform a basic build-it-yourself playhouse into something truly fitting. It fits snuggly at the bottom of the garden and has been superbly decorated to become a base for swashbucklers from tropical seas. Attention to detail has made this den a child's delight.

Bittersweet vine arbour garden den

bittersweet vine arbour garden

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The bittersweet vines for this arbor were collected with
permits from local conservation lands in New England, USA. This is a unique and beautiful
doorway forms the entrance to an enchanting canopy covered world that's just waiting to be explored.

Hobbit Hole garden den

hobbit style garden den

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Fans of the Shire architecture will love this Hobbit home den. There is no need to travel to Middleearth to own one, the beautifully crafted dens are avaliable in different varieties from High Life Treehouses for mere £8,000, but unfortunatley Hobbit coins aren't accepted.

Living runner bean covered den

living runner bean covered den

(Image credit: Comfort Spring Station)

This is a fabulous idea to let your children watch their very own living den grow before their very eyes. All that's needed is a can structure, runner bean seeds and lots of tender loving care. Children will love to watch their den come to life and
grow up all on its own. The speed at which beans grow is impressive and it
will not require much patience on the part of your children. Ultimately
they will also be fascinated by the fun of harvesting their own beans,
plus the den will look ever so pretty covered in the delicate red
flowers that runner beans produce in abundance. This version has been made with an acutal house style frame and customised with a reclaimed window for charming vintage feel.

Wind in the Willows inspired garden den

wind in the willows style garden den

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Ever wondered what type of garden den highly respected Chartered Landscape Architects might have as a garden den? How about a replica of Ratty's very own charming riverside home? Bunny Guissness created this spectacular den for her 'Wind in the Willows' garden at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show and not suprisingly it won her a gold medal.


Rustic Wigwam style den:

High rise garden den with slide:

Bohemian Garden Den:

Pirates style garden den:

Bittersweet vine arbour garden den: Entangledfunishings

Hobbit Hole garden den: High Life Treehouses

Bean covered den: Comfortspringstation

Wind in the Willows inspired garden den:

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