Vintage gardens

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  • Love vintage gardens? Ever wondered how to get that lovely vintage look in your garden? We show you how with quick and easy vintage decor ideas. With time-worn furniture and nostalgic touches it’s easy to create an old world country garden.

    You don’t need to completely start from scratch if you want a vintage garden scheme: A few pretty and practical accessories, furniture and a muted colour palette are easy ways to get that quaint, country look in your garden with minimal effort.

    Vintage gardens often have an air of informality, which is associated with organic, curved and irregular forms. Planting is much more free and easy. Borders are mixed and climbers scramble up and over vertical structures and surfaces.

    Vintage colours will add a wonderful decorative quality to a garden. When planting a border, you might want to use harmonious colours to create a restful, easy-on-the-eye display. Limit the use of bright or strong colours and stick with soft pastels, creamy whites and browns.

    Encourage butterflies and bees by choosing plants that attract them, such as marigolds, foxgloves, salvia (sage) and lavender. Organic composts, fertilisers and pest-control methods will also help wildlife to flourish.

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