Russell Hobbs RHDH1061 Portable Dehumidifier review

We test Russell Hobbs' portable dehumidifier against indoor dampness

Russell Hobbs RHDH1061 Portable Dehumidifier
(Image credit: Russell Hobbs)
Ideal Home Verdict

Though not recommended for those with significant damp issues, the Russell Hobbs RHDH1061 is a cost-effective and portable option that can tackle everyday issues without taking up too much space.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Small and lightweight

  • +

    Auto shut-off

  • +

    Good price

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No smart features or display

  • -

    Low extraction rate

  • -

    Only good for recommended for small spaces

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If there is one thing we all know to be true of dehumidifiers, it's that they're invariably large and bulky. The Russell Hobbs RHDH1061 Portable Dehumidifier, meanwhile, has bypassed this problem with a small and portable design that can be placed on a desk or counter with no problem.

It's also available at a fantastic price, so would suit those looking for a solution to any temporary small-scale humidity issue in their home. We tested it in our newly-moved-into flat to see how it would fare against sticky heat and less than perfect wall insulation.

You can read our thoughts on the Russell Hobbs RHDH1061 below or head over to our guide to the best dehumidifiers to see our top picks.

Russell Hobbs RHDH1061: Key specs

  • Suitable for room size: up to 15m2
  • Noise: 35dB
  • Tank Capacity: 0.6L
  • Extraction rate: 0.3L/day
  • Power: N/A
  • Dimensions: H22 x W14 x D14cm
  • Weight: 0.9kg

Russell Hobbs RHDH1061 Portable Dehumidifier

(Image credit: Future)

Russell Hobbs RHDH1061: Set-up

If you want an appliance that works straight out of the box, you'll be pleased with the Russell Hobbs RHDH1061. Inside the box, you'll find a plug adapter and the main device with a removable water tank. This just slides out whenever you need to empty the dehumidifier. Simply plug in the appliance and touch the power button on top to get started.

Russell Hobbs RHDH1061: Performance

Once you've plugged the dehumidifier into the mains and turned it on, it should start tackling the room's excess moisture. It's very quiet as it does this, but, in our experience, the lack of humidistat or other sensors means it's hard to determine how well it's working. The RHDH1061 simply keeps going until the tank is full, so you should use it in a room where you know there is excess humidity.

This restricts the appliance's usefulness as an everyday item, as you may potentially be wasting energy on keeping it running when it's not needed.

That said, the water tank fills up much more slowly than we expected. We trialled the device in a newly-moved-into basement flat with identified damp issues, so we expected its 600ml tank to need emptying several times a day. In contrast, a much larger dehumidifier (4.8L) we used afterwards needed emptying every day and a half or so in the same environment. However, the RHDH1061 costs almost ten times less to run for a full day.

It all depends on your goals. The extraction rate of 0.3L a day simply wouldn't be enough for anyone with significant dampness in their home they wish to eliminate. It's more suited for occasional use in something like a steamy bathroom.

Once the water tank is full, the dehumidifier will power down until you empty it, so there's no danger of it overflowing.

Russell Hobbs RHDH1061 Portable Dehumidifier

(Image credit: Future)

Russell Hobbs RHDH1061: Design

The design of the Russell Hobbs RHDH1061 is pretty basic, but the grey (our sample) and black (also available) plastic are both visually appealing. Unlike many other dehumidifiers, it is designed to be kept on a surface rather than on the floor, so, though small enough to go unnoticed, it's still on show, so it needs to look good.

The water tank is a little awkward and fiddly to empty. It slides in and out of the base of the dehumidifier easily enough, but there is only a tiny hole from which to get the water out. Because of this design quirk, it was difficult to empty every drop when needed. It had little impact on subsequent performance but felt clunky.

Russell Hobbs RHDH1061: Sustainability

Cost per hour: 0.64p / Cost per day (24hrs): £15.4p / Cost per month: £4.56

Based on the cost of 28p per kWh and rounded up/down to the closest value.

It is recommended that you give your dehumidifier a clean once every three months. This simply requires a damp cloth to wipe the outside, but we would also consider rinsing out the water tank at the same time.

The appliance should be disposed of as part of your local electronic collection scheme rather than general waste, which means it can be recycled.

Russell Hobbs RHDH1061 Portable Dehumidifier

(Image credit: Future)

Russell Hobbs RHDH1061: Our verdict

The Russell Hobbs RHDH1061 Portable Dehumidifier is a lovely, compact appliance for the home that works hard considering its size but can't quite measure up to the performance of its larger peers. The design is simple, making the appliance incredibly easy to use, but those with more significant moisture-removal ambitions will need to look elsewhere.

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