Take a look around this stylish, colourful new-build home in Stroud

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  • It was a broken sewage pipe in her previous kitchen that made the owner of this four-bedroom terrace consider looking at a new-build. Much as she had enjoyed lovingly restoring her earlier Victorian home, with a busy lifestyle and a young family to bring up, choosing a place that came without problems was very appealing.

    Constructed on the site of a former hospital in Stroud, the new-build was designed in partnership with a housing association and was built on the ethos of community and sustainable living.

    With large, shared open spaces, wildlife, allotments and the promise of a happy neighbourhood, it seemed ideal. Plus it came without any worries about mould, draughts or leaking roofs!

    So although the homes were still under construction, and without fully seeing the final layout, an offer was put in and accepted and the family moved in.

    There were still no floor or wall tiles, but this meant the owner could pick her own and then begin the task of personalising this very blank space.

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