How to update curtains with fabric trimmings

Give curtains a cheery new look by sewing on frayed fabric trimmings with Country Homes & Interiors simple steps

multicolour curtain with wooden basket and wooden cabinet

(Image credit: TBC)

Learn how to add a colourful touch to plain curtains by sewing on pretty border trimmings with Country Homes & Interiors easy instructions.

You will need

  • A pair of curtains (we made some using Casual 32210978, £51.90 m, Casamance
  • Border trimming fabrics (we used Hamma Linen Orchid, £55 m, Malabar; Chinese Yellow linen; Saffron linen, £35 m, Volga Linen.)
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Step 1) Measure the border trimming fabric to fit the width of the
curtain plus 0.5cm at each end. Cut the fabric to at least a 15cm depth.
Pull the threads from one of the long sides of the fabric until there
is a frayed edge measuring about 1cm in depth. Over lock the other long
side of the fabric to prevent it from fraying further.

Step 2) With wrong side facing, turn over side hems of 0.5cm along shortest side of trims, press and slip stitch in place.

Step 3) With wrong side facing, pin the fabric trim along the width of the curtain along the non-frayed edge, frayed edge facing towards the top of the curtain. Sew in place, remove the pins, then fold the fabric over so the frayed edge is at the bottom. Press so the border trim lies flat against the curtain.

Step 4) Repeat the process with the remaining trims.

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