Paint a bucket for fireside essentials

Brighten up the fireplace and give a little love to fire-lighters, matches and hearth cloths by storing in a vintage galvanised bucket decorated with a cheery lick of paint

country craft paint a fireside bucket

(Image credit: Future PLC/Maxwell Attenborough)

This painted bucket is so easy to do and helps keep your fire-lighting kit stay dry, while adding a pop of colour to the hearth. For a co-ordinated look, you could dip the handle ends of a fire companion set to match your bucket, too.

You will need

  • Galvanised bucket
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Emulsion paint
  • Paintbrush

Step one

Tape off the section of the bucket to be painted with a delicate surface masking tape such as FrogTape. Roughen up this section with sandpaper to make a grip for the paint. Wipe free of any dust and re-apply any loose tape sections.

Step two

Tape off the top area to be decorated - we chose a slanted stripe design. Paint even strokes of the darker blue colour and leave to dry. Remove and re-apply tape for second area to be painted and apply the lighter colour below as previously. Allow to dry then remove the tape.

We used

Paint, Sky Blue 103; James 108, around £18.75 for 1L, Little Greene. Apron,
£42; Moose lighters, £9.50 for 6, all Labour and Wait. Matches, £6.50,
Not on the High Street. Pine cone lighters, £16.50 for 12, Cox &
. Fat wood bundle, £6, Norpar Barns.

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