5 of the best squishy sofas for colourful country living

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  • Sitting comfortably? Fabulous fabrics in chic colours catch the eye on these shapely and inviting sofas

    1. Shades of purple
    Shades of rich purple and deep claret have always gone hand in hand with velvet. The fibres reflect light brilliantly to give off an intense colour, not to mention a super-soft texture. Add to the mix a cosy feather-filled sofa with a deep seat and you’ve got yourself something that is cosy, warm and incredibly inviting.

    2. Go green
    With the trend of wellbeing becoming ever more popular, we’re all striving towards organic homes. This is evident in colour choice, too, and we are seeing more green tones, reminiscent of summer grasses, which work perfectly in relaxed country settings. Linen slipcovers are an excellent choice as they are are easy to clean. Over time the linen will soften, becoming timeworn and more beautiful.

    3. Subtle effect
    Pattern is a lovely way to breathe life into a setting. When opting for a patterned sofa or armchair it’s better to go with a firm back as opposed to cushions which tend to lose something of the design –
    buttoning can also distort a pattern.

    4. Summer blues
    Beautiful blue furnishings are taking their lead from summer’s denim fashion trend. This soft, washed, staple shade is subtle enough to transition easily into an existing décor scheme and is yet capable of anchoring an entire living space. Lift the look with slight variations in tone and opt for pretty patterns on smaller items of furniture to create a delicate and timeless contrast.

    5. Seasonal changes
    Checked fabrics are the perfect way to introduce pattern into a classic country-style living room, and are particularly popular in gentle hues of duck egg blue. Multi York offer a wide range of removable covers, which allow you to tailor your look from season to season, without having to purchase a whole new sofa.

    Written by Caroline Rodrigues

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