11 things Gogglebox has taught us about decorating

The stars of the show have let us into their living rooms and the world of telly is better for it
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  • Gogglebox is back for a brand new series, and we couldn’t be more excited. When we manage to divert our eyes from the adorable antics of the Malones’ rottweilers – yes really – and Giles and Mary’s playful bickering, we’re clocking how the stars of the show have decorated their living rooms. Here’s what we’ve learned…

    1. Your coffee table needs to offer ample room for snacks

    Move over scented candle, there’s a plate of Bourbons in town. And the Malones aren’t afraid to dip into it. In fact, why have one coffee table of treats when you can have two?

    2. You can really impress friends with a high-impact piece of art


    Image credit: Rowland Roques O’Neil

    Chess player Bill heard this tip years ago. Unlike the topless woman in his living room, this lady is pictured wearing a lovely jacket, but we like her all the same.

    3. Brits love red accents

    You can’t sit through five minutes of Gogglebox without noticing a red scatter cushion. Viv and Ralf were bold enough to go one step further, opting for plush red sofas for an indulgent look.

    4. It’s never too late to embrace colour and texture

    We couldn’t have been more excited when the Michaels family traded their mustard leather sofas and beige walls for an altogether bolder living room set up in their Brighton home. From the salmon pink walls to their grey velvet sofa and statement purple patterned armchair – this is one interiors scheme that screams ‘notice me’.

    5. You can mix traditional with modern

    By pairing chestnut brown-leather Chesterfield sofas with colourful throws and a living room door painted an inviting shade of teal the McCormicks have shown that they’re ready mix up styles in the name of creating a bespoke look for their Peterborough home.

    6. Even tiny dogs love a sumptuous traditional scheme

    They may have sold their imposing B&B in Sandwich – and left the Gogglebox line up – but Steph and Dom’s classic gold sofa isn’t easily forgotten. If you’re more into silver than gold, try teaming grey walls with striped upholstery. Cute pooch not included.

    7. A corner sofa is a winner for snuggling up as a family

    Marcus, Mica, Sachelle and Shuggy are onto this idea. You’ll quickly learn your rank in your household based on where you get to sit on one of these.

    8. Pastel shades and country kitchens are a match made in interiors heaven

    Dave and Shirley Griffiths have opted for a lovely shade of mint green for the kitchen cupboards in their Caerphilly home. Chunky wooden kitchen tops and chrome cupboard handles tie the whole look together.

    9. You can do matchy matchy

    Mary Killen and Giles Wood are a couple who aren’t afraid to do things their own way and this certainly shows when it comes to the interior of their Wiltshire country cottage. Each week the pair deliver a healthy dose of dry humour from the comfort of their leaf print armchair, which sits against a backdrop of – yes you guessed it – identical leaf print wallpaper.

    10. Extra flourishes are everything

    Brighton-based hairdresser Stephen Webb is a show favourite. And while he keeps things simple with a caramel-brown chesterfield sofa, he mixes things up by throwing in anything from a statement gold vase to an ornate side table.

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