6 great ways to turn a humble flowerpot into a thing of beauty

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  • Don't throw out your old terracotta pots, steel containers and plastic planters. Give these nifty little garden essentials a new lease of life with these creative ideas

    We’ve all been there before… heaps of unloved flowerpots nestled in the corners of the back garden. Spend some time giving these handy little planters a little TLC – the results are simply stunning. These beautiful examples will fire your imagination…

    1. Painted flowerpots

    A lick of paint can make a world of difference to an unused pot and lend a pop of colour to your garden or patio. Oil-based enamel paints lend these pots a new lease of life. Use one or two coats, depending on the hue. Once painted, let it dry overnight.

    2. Painting by numbers

    Plants don’t only belong in our back gardens. They can do much to brighten and style the front of our homes, too. So why not give your front door some kerb appeal by painting your house number on a plant pot or two. It’s ingenious!

    3. Go freestyle

    Painting should be fun, not fussy. Here’s an easy way to give new life to old terracotta pots: Paint them by hand to create horizontal and vertical stripes. If you want to have more precise lines then use masking tape. Always paint in a well-ventilated area, and spray the exterior and the rim with weatherproof spray paint.

    4. Personalise it

    No extra garden space? No problem! A terracotta pot can be brought indoors. Give it a touch of character and ownership by personalising it with your name. This can be done with a permanent marker pen, or if you wish, you can get it done professionally. Use it to house anything from pens, pencils and paintbrushes to kitchen utensils. It is just that versatile!

    5. Provide a focal point

    Make a grand gesture by placing an arrangement of flowerpots along an unloved wall. Opt for a symmetrical layout for a cohesive, organised aesthetic. Choose flowers and plants from the same variety, creating a fabulous bloom come summer.

    6. Mix and match

    Steel containers make excellent planters. Usually known for their industrial edge, these sturdy pieces can also be used to create a pretty garden display when accompanied by planters in various shapes and sizes, and decorative steel lanterns.

    Are you a dab hand in the garden? Tell us what creative measures you have undertaken in order to spruce up your garden?

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