8 things cluttering up your bedroom, and how to deal with them

When you’re living a busy lifestyle, it’s easy for your bedroom to become cluttered without even noticing it happen

Little things build up over time. But now’s the time to tackle that clutter head on.

1. Clothes

pink themed interior with hanger for clothes and pink couch

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Clothes are a major culprit for cluttering up our bedrooms. At the end of a long day, there’s nothing you want to do less than fold and tidy away the clothes you’ve been wearing. So you chuck your clothes into a pile on the floor and leave them until the next day. Or the day after...

If this sounds familiar, have a dedicated storage ladder or a set of hooks on the back of the door where it is easy to quickly hang things up, avoiding a floordrobe situation. Avoid using the back of a chair as this can look messy, and make sure you put things away properly every couple of days.

Same goes for dirty washing. Keep a washing basket in your room so that you can pop your clothes straight in after taking them off. See what a difference that makes?

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2. Shoes

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You can never have too many shoes, however your bedroom floor might not thank you for it. Keep a basket under your bed or at the bottom of your wardrobe to store them. For those gorgeous pairs that are too pretty to hide away, install a shoe rail or shelf so that you can display them proudly.

3. Mugs

It's all too easy for glasses and mugs to accumulate on your bedside table, windowsill and any other surface in your room. When you've finished your cuppa, leave your mug in eyesight and as near to the door as possible so that you're more likely to remember to take it out to the kitchen when you leave the room.

4. Make up

Instead of keeping make up on surfaces, where it will not only create clutter but will also make a real mess, store it in a top drawer instead. That way it's easily accessible but stops your surfaces from looking untidy. Create drawer dividers so that it’s easy to find the specific make up you’re looking for.

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5. Jewellery

bedroom with white wooden flooring off white walls with jewellery stand and hang hooks with white dressing table

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Unorganised jewellery not only looks untidy, it can also lead to serious problems down the line, when necklaces and bracelets entangle into an impossible cluster. Invest in an elegant jewellery stand or hang hooks above your dressing table to neatly hang your jewellery. Practical and stylish.

6. Scraps of paper

You don’t always want to throw away receipts, payslips and price tags, just in case you need them again in the near future. But leave them laying around your bedroom and you've got yourself a clutter situation. Enlist the services of a dedicated envelope to store these bits and pieces, but make sure you clear it out frequently – there’s no point having tags and receipts from months ago in here as they won’t serve you any purpose anymore!

7. Photo frames

bedroom photo frames on off white walls and white cupboard

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If you love displaying photos in your room, hang them on walls out the way. This is a much better option than standing them on surfaces, where they gather dust and often block one another.

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8. Books

That book you've just finished - are you realistically going to read it again? If the answer is no, take it to the charity shop or start a book swap with your friends. For dedicated bookworms who can't bear to part with a book, a bookshelf is vital so that your floor and surfaces don't become a sea of literature. Take advantage of the height of your walls by opting for a tall bookshelf, or go for a wall mounted option to save on floor space.

A brutal solution? Look to technology...

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