Presenter Angellica Bell shares her five simple swaps for creating a more sustainable home

Make a big difference with these small changes
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  • Like with most things when it comes to making a big difference to the planet, change starts with small things at home. This is a message Worcester Bosch is hammering home to families with its new kid’s book ‘A Robot Called B4’.

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    A kids book from a boiler company might sound a little unconventional. However, the book, narrated by TV presenter Angellica Bell, is all about encouraging children to think about sustainability and protecting the environment for future generations. The book follows the adventures of a robot called B4 as he travels through time comparing the world as it was, and is now.

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    Sustainability is a cause close to Angellica Bell’s heart ‘I wanted to get involved with the book is because it is all about sustainability. I like the fact that Worcester Bosch wants to inform children in the UK about the environment and inspire them to look after the planet.’

    To help encourage households to think more about sustainability Angellica Bell, shared five simple changes and swaps you can make in your home that can make a real difference.

    Angellica Bell’s sustainable swaps in the home

    1. Get recycling

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    It might sound like a no-brainer but recycling is a huge way you can help look after the planet. ‘It’s a massive thing, I’ve always recycled,’ explains Angellica.

    Every council has different rules and bins for recycling, so it is worth investigating what yours are and creating a corresponding bin system in your home for simplicity. An increasing number of items are now able to be recycled, including marigold rubber gloves which can now be recycled with Terracycle. It is always worth checking the packet before throwing anything in the bin.

    2. Invest in reusable household items

    water canteen on coffee table

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    ‘We don’t buy any plastic, we use water bottles and reusable alternatives in our household,’ explains Angellica.

    Reusable water bottles are a really easy swap to make that will save countless plastic bottles. However, you can also invest in beeswax coverings instead of clingfilm, metal straws instead of disposable plastic and reusable food containers. These are eco-friendly kitchen products that will cut down on waste and save money in the long run.

    3. Opt for paperless bills

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    ‘You can go paperless for lots of bills,’ suggests Angellica as another simple way to cut down on waste in the home. From bank statements to your gas bill, many companies offer options to have them sent electronically. So save yourself the stacks of paper and envelopes.

    4. Freecycle old pieces of furniture

    Upcycle a vanity unit

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    If you’ve had a good clear out, rather than taking your old unwanted items to the tip Angellica recommends taking them to a charity shop or freecycling.

    ‘Often with things we don’t want we put it on freecycle so people can come to pick it up,’ she explains. ‘You put the item online, and if someone wants it you arrange to go meet them with it.’

    There are plenty of websites dedicated to freecycling, and charity shops that specialise in homeware. However, do check that the item is in good condition before dropping it off.

    But don’t just stop at handing on second-hand items, consider investing in them too. For inspiration for making the most of older items take a look at our upcycled furniture ideas feature.

    5. Invest in good insulation


    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    If you don’t want your boiler working over time it is a good idea to invest in good insulation in the home.

    ‘We changed the windows in our house when we moved in to save heat. We’ve got double glazing in the house, when we moved in we only had single glazing,’ says Angellica.

    While this is one of the bigger sustainable investments on the list, it is an important one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only will it save energy, but it can also help slash heating bills.

    To find out more about ‘A Robot Called B4‘ visit the Worcester Bosch website. In the meantime how many of these changes will you be making in your home?

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    It only takes a few small changes to make a big difference.

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