See how a DIY-er created this stylish outdoor kitchen full of clever storage solutions

This outdoor kitchen has officially won summer already
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  • With restrictions lifting, hands up who’s planning barbecues and garden get-togethers? Us too, but after seeing this cool DIY outdoor kitchen we think we may need to up our game!
    Belonging to novice DIY-er Heather Rimmer, from South Yorkshire, the outdoor kitchen features not only a barbecue but a pizza oven, seating area and built-in storage.
    ‘We’ve always been huge barbecue fans,’ says Heather. ‘Come summer, we cook dinner out there most nights, even braving the wet British weather on occasions! An outdoor kitchen had been on our minds for a couple of years, but it wasn’t until mid-way through the first lockdown, when our 15-year-old barbecue finally gave up, that we decided to get planning.’

    DIY outdoor kitchen


    patio with wooden fence

    Image credit: Heather Rimmer

    Having searched online for inspiration, Heather struggled to find a look she liked. ‘Instead, we collated some finishes that we loved and just started sketching designs until we came up with something that worked for us,’ she says.


    Image credit: Heather Rimmer

    The barbecue structure was the first bit to be built, primarily out of breeze blocks, then rendered with cement and painted. ‘We had absolutely no experience with brick-laying or rendering, we just watched lots of tutorials online and gave it a go!’ Heather laughs. For a first attempt, we think it looks pretty professional.

    Creating a worktop

    Image credit: Heather Rimmer

    With the structure finished, it was time to create a worktop. ‘It’s made out of concrete, which we’d poured into a wooden frame made mostly out of furniture board,’ says Heather. Not only does it create a sturdy top to the kitchen, but it’s also ideal for the ever-changing weather conditions and is set to last.

    The couple also created a backdrop to their kitchen, using cheap roofing battens that they spaced out on timber legs, and then attached to their fence. Hook-on planters hold herbs and vegetables that can be used in meals – all within easy reach of the kitchen chef!

    Saving money

    Image credit: Heather Rimmer

    You’d expect a project like this to be costly, but the couple were quite resourceful with materials, using wood, sand and cement from previous projects. They also saved money by ordering in bulk from as few suppliers as possible.
    ‘Heavy things cost a lot to deliver,’ says Heather. ‘ The barbecue and pizza oven were the most expensive items, but we think they’re worth it.’

    Factoring in storage

    Image credit: Heather Rimmer

    We love the slots in the structure for storage, especially this custom-made pull-out shelf, with hooks for hanging utensils and a small shelf for oils and sauces.
    ‘If we had to give any tips, they would be to plan your garden kitchen out carefully, research techniques, make the most of your materials to reduce cuts and waste, and have fun with it,’ says Heather. ‘Ours isn’t perfect, but we can sit outside, look at what we’ve achieved and say we built it!’

    Making room for seating

    Image credit: Heather Rimmer

    Ensuring the worktop was wide enough to create an area for people to sit and eat or enjoy drinks was also factored in, with Heather choosing some stylish rattan-look bar stools

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    So, how much did the project cost altogether?  ‘It was around £1,300 in total, which includes the barbecue and pizza oven,’ says Heather. We think that’s a pretty good price for what looks like a bespoke build. You can see more of Heather’s home and DIY projects over at Instagram here.

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    Tempted to create an outdoor kitchen yourself? What style would you go for?

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