This boring dresser has been transformed into a playful gin cabinet

Now this is an absolute must-have

We all love the feeling of a growing gin collection, but it seems a shame to always have your nicest bottles tucked away, out of sight - one woman set out to change that with her own gin cabinet makeover.

Cheryl Riley, from Lytham, Lancashire, told Ideal Home that her collection was kept hidden away in a kitchen cupboard - and it was fast filling up.

'I was running out of room so I thought I could do with displaying my lovely gins where my friends and family could see them,' the 47-year-old said. Instead, Cheryl decided to investigate some potential upcycled furniture ideas to store her collection.

'I got searching for cabinets on eBay as I wanted to keep the cost minimal,' she revealed. 'I found the perfect one and to my surprise, it was local to me.'

Gin cabinet makeover

Cheryl told us that she wanted to use local suppliers as much as possible, and managed to source paint for furniture (£16) from local firm Lilac Tree Interiors, Preston and wallpaper (£20) from Graham & Brown.

Empty wooden cabinet with undercoat of white paint on cardboard box

(Image credit: Cheryl Riley)

After Cheryl sourced the cabinet for £100 from eBay, she stripped the layer of previous paint and varnish off, before removing the doors. Then, she painted both an undercoat and a layer of the locally sourced French furniture paint.

She replaced the wooden shelves that came with the cabinet with glass ones, sourced from a local supplier for £40 - and painted the legs in Smooth Gold metal paint from Hammerite.

Restored and painted empty cabinet with glass shelves and doors with floral wallpaper backing on wooden floor

(Image credit: Cheryl Riley)

'Then I added the wallpaper to the back of the inside and put the cabinet back together, adding some battery lights to the inside,' she said, adding that two sets of fairy lights were a mere £17.

The look was completed with a ‘G & T’ calligraphy-esque sign from Etsy, which was also painted gold.

'The cabinet sits in my beautiful summerhouse now for all to enjoy,' Cheryl said, admitting she was thrilled with how the gin cabinet turned out.

Restored cabinet with a beautiful display of gin bottles and an inside light with a "G&T" sign at the top

(Image credit: Future PLC/Cheryl Riley)

Though it was made with a budget in mind, Cheryl managed to source the perfect materials for her bespoke, luxurious-looking gin cabinet both locally and online for less than £200.

We love the tiki-inspired wallpaper backing. This is a must-have in any gin lover’s home.

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