A genius sleeper bedroom makeover has doubled the space in this box room

A smart solution to a tiny kid's bedroom

There’s nothing worse than having a room that is just that little bit too small and defunct - but this mum has been seriously savvy with one box room, transforming it from tiny to on-trend Scandi-chic.

Toni Wilkins lives in a three-bed self-admitted 'Scandinavian-style' bungalow with her three children - so had to be wise with space when it came to planning her children's rooms ideas.

'The eldest, now 22, has his own room and some years ago we split the biggest room with a partition wall for the other two, who are now 17 and 12,' Toni told Ideal Home.

Sleeper bedroom makeover

Sleeper platform construction

(Image credit: Toni Wilkins)

The mum-of-three, who admitted that she’s 'always decorating or upcycling something,' wanted to transform the box room her 12-year-old daughter was stuck with into something bright, and functional - yet minimalist to fit the style of her home.

'The space used for my daughter, 12, is small at only 2.75m x 1.5m so [it] needed to be used wisely,' Toni admitted.

Toni explored many small bedroom ideas including buying a high sleeper for the room, but the frame took up too much space. Instead, with some help, Toni decided to create a platform for her daughter to sleep on to maximise the space in the room.

Wooden beams during makeover

(Image credit: Toni Wilkins)

Toni began by stripping the room and constructing a simple frame for the upper level. 'The lower level is around 6ft high so [there’s] lots of headroom for her to do her homework and spend time with her friends.'

'Also there is plenty of room on the top to sleep, watch TV and chill with a height of around 4ft 8in at the highest point,' Toni adds.

Sleeper bedroom with white ladder and pink details

(Image credit: Toni Wilkins)

When brainstorming bedroom ideas and colours they settled on painting the room white to keep it light and airy, especially since there is no window on her daughter’s partitioned side.

'She absolutely loves it,' Toni revealed. Sharing that her daughter now 'has double the space she had before.'

Bedroom with grey carpet and pink guitar

(Image credit: Toni Wilkins)

'Her dad Kev did so well making my vision a reality even though he is not skilled in doing this and hates decorating,' she admitted.

The former box room is now bright and super fresh, complete with trailing plants and plenty of space for her daughter’s bits and bobs - including two guitars.

 Now, does anyone else wish they slept on a super cute mezzanine? We are converted.

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