Deliciously Ella unveils Beko's ultimate health blender

Healthy eating guru Ella Mills has announced Beko's Vacuum Blender and their new ‘Eat Like A Pro’ partnership, tackling child obesity

Clean eating has had some bad press of late, but Beko has just unveiled a product that should help the healthy living movement refresh its image. You could say, it's turning over a new leaf.

Announced by Deliciously Ella Mills in Berlin this afternoon, the Beko Vacuum Blender is designed to make the most nutrient-packed, yummy smoothies you've ever tasted.

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blender with vacuum and fruits

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Here at Ideal Home HQ, we all try to eat healthily... with varying degrees of success. A steady stream of cakes and biscuits delivered by well-meaning PRs doesn't help. But we do our best, and find a breakfast smoothie is a quick and nutritious way to boost our energy and get the creative juices flowing, if you'll excuse the pun.

The problem is, it doesn't seem to take long for our blended fruit and veg to turn into unappetising brown sludge. So what to do?

The Beko Vacuum blender aims to solve the problem by – yes, you've guessed it – creating a vacuum. Before blending your ingredients, all the air is sucked out of the jug. This means that the fruit and vegetables inside won't oxidise.

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Oxidisation is bad news, as in the process, Vitamin A, C Lycopene, enzymes and other nutrients are lost. What's more, your drink will lose its vibrant colour – yep, it's sludge time.

This 1000W blender is so good at its job, you can even mix your drinks the night before. Pop them in the fridge ready to grab and go the next morning, and rest assured that they won't lose any of their energy or health-boosting powers.

We saw a quick demo, where the serrated, hardened steel blades cut through even harder veg a treat – they can even handle crushing ice. Controlling this green machine is easy, too. There's a variable speed dial and a pulse button for mixing in short, sharp bursts.

The jug and portable Blend&Go bottles that you use to mix your drinks are made of Triton – a hard-wearing plastic that's less prone to shattering than other plastics and glass. It will also withstand hundreds of dishwasher cycles without losing its colour or shine.

blender with vacuum and jug

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A price and launch date for the TBV8104X Vacuum Blender has yet to be announced, but watch this space! We suspect it will hit shelves in January 2018, to coincide with Beko's 'Eat Like a Pro' campaign in partnership with Ella and FC Barcelona.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness of the alarming growth of childhood obesity around the globe.

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'It’s great to be part of this initiative,' Ella told us. 'I've created a number of recipes that I’m thrilled to share, which show that healthy eating is easy and needn't mean compromising on taste!

'I’m excited about being part of a campaign that aims to reach families worldwide on the issue of childhood obesity, and with the support of Beko and FC Barcelona I hope that we can really make a difference by showing how delicious healthy eating and good nutrition is key to fighting this worrying global epidemic.'

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