Do you use one (or all) of the internet’s favourite cleaning products in your home?

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  • These miracle sprays, cloths and pastes produce unbelievable results

    This time last year, unblocking the loo or degreasing the oven were far from at the top of our list of conversation starters. But then Mrs Hinch came along and suddenly cleaning became acceptable coffee morning chat.

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    Who cares about what happened on Love Island or what your new phone can do, when you’ve got the sell-out sponge/magic bathroom cleaner that’s been lighting up Instagram?

    And with that in mind, we’ve done a little investigating and discovered the best cleaning products beloved by the Internet. How many have you tried?


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    The best cleaning products, according to the internet

    1. Astonish Mould & Mildew Spray


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    It’s not just the internet that loves this stuff – I’m a HUGE fan, too. It’s possibly the most effective thing to use on mouldy window frames, bathroom sealant and grout. The first time I used it, I sprayed it on, then left it a few minutes, expecting to come back and have to scrub away for a while. When I returned the whole area was sparkling clean with not a black mark in sight.

    But don’t just take my word for it. Facebook message boards are full of before and after shots like this one, from Zara Luke Watts Cook, who says that ‘Astonish Mould & Mildew spray is the best’.


    Image credit: Zara Luke Wattis Cook

    It’s gained the cleaner thousands of fans, and the best news is you can pick up a bottle for just £1.

    Buy now: Astonish Mould and Mildew Cleaner, £1, The Range

    2. The Pink Stuff

    It’s as rare as a white rhino, but Mrs Hinch declares The Pink Stuff cleaning paste is THE thing to get your hob sparkling. So any in-store sightings are ensured to get social media in a tizzy.

    When this domestic goddess managed to get her hands on some, she was super impressed, proclaiming ‘Today I tried The Pink Stuff for the first time. OMG! I’m actually shocked. No wonder it’s so popular.’ Another fan, who’d just received a fresh delivery, added ‘Beyond excited my order of Stardrops The Pink Stuff has arrived. Excited to get my lanterns and pans sparkling.’

    As for this keen cleaner, we can only salute her all-pink approach to cleaning. You can often find The Pink Stuff on offer at B&M, Home Bargains and Poundstretcher, or you can pay a bit more and order online.

    Buy now: Stardrops Pink Stuff Paste (500g), £6.64, Amazon

    3. Bar Keepers Friend

    This US import has been making waves online for its myriad uses. Did you know, for example, it can remove light scratches from crockery, polish up sinks, taps, pots and pans and is safe to use even on delicate marble worktops? No wonder there are plenty of fans out there…

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    Let's talk about doing dishes – specifically cleaning those dirty sheet pans. There have been times when it feels like no matter how much I wash or soak my pans, they just always look dirty (anyone else)…but I finally feel like I have a handle on things! First of all, it helps to keep those sheet pans clean from the beginning. My favorite product for scrubbing the grime is @BarKeepersFriend. This is also what I use on my @LeCreuset pieces and other cookware. For extra stubborn stains I make a little paste with the powder and water and let it sit for a while – the tougher the grime the longer the time. It's like magic! I've also used an overnight soak of baking soda and vinegar for pans in really rough shape and it will do the trick as well. How about you guys? How do you survive your dirty dish pile? (I'm also a recent convert to rubber gloves for dish duties!) #cleaninghacks #barkeepersfriend #doingthedishes #sheetpansuppers

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    Is there anything more satisfying than a pristine baking tray? Errrr – YES! This restored vintage Pyrex…

    Buy now: Bar Keepers Friend Multi Surface Household Cleaner & Stain Remover Powder (250g), £4.96, Amazon

    4. Minky cleaning sponge

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    SPONGE CONVERT | I’ve always been a massive fan of using microfibre cloths to clean all around my house and I only really turned to a sponge when cleaning my sinks and bath. But, with the recent sponge craze within the cleaning community I decided to jump on the band wagon and test some out. It’s safe to say I now use them a lot more and I’ve found that they’re fab for so many cleaning jobs. There’s so many on the market for all different prices but my favourites are the ones that have a scrubbing side and a smooth side, effectively making them 2in1. If you’re struggling to find the famous Minky, then @bm_stores do a fab alternative along with @marksandspencer and @eclothuk – check them out! … Are you a sponge convert? . . . . #sponge #minky #minkym #minkysponge #cleaningsponge #bandm #mands #ecloth #cleaningtools #cleaningreview #mcloth

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    A favourite of Mrs Hinch, these have been selling out at Morrisons of late, as her ‘Hinch Army’ snaps them up. Demand has got so high that you’re currently only allowed to buy two at a time!

    The Minky M Cloth, otherwise known as the Minky sponge, has gained cult status for its anti-bacterial qualities and non-scratch technology. It has a side for scrubbing and softer, microfibre side for wiping.

    Buy now: Minky M Cloth Anti – Bacterial Cleaning Pad, £2.50, Morrisons

    5. Elbow grease


    No, we don’t mean extra effort  – this is another Mrs Hinch and internet favourite that’s particularly good at cleaning ovens. Behold the results!

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    This fan loves how it ‘removes the most stubborn marks with ease’. And Laura Willis was another happy customer, explaining on Facebook that her oven had been ‘grim’ but that ‘Using Elbow Grease (which i hadnt heard of prior to following Mrs Hinch 😊) and Astonish oven cleaner think I achieved some pretty good results’. Nic work Laura!

    Buy now: Elbow Grease 500ml All Purpose De-Greaser (500ml), £4.43, Amazon

    Does our list miss off any of your personal favourites?

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