Feathering the nest: Lucky garden birds are in for a tweet with luxury two-storey bird house, complete with ensuite and infinity pool

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  • Thought you'd seen it all? You have now... Swedish design company develops the 'world's best bird house' so our feathered friends can really life the (ahem) high life

    We’ve all heard about those barmy pet owners who try to teach their dogs to dance or cats to sing, but I’ve got news for you folks – it doesn’t end there!

    A new type of bird house has been designed by Swedish homeware company, Clas Ohlson which comes complete with an open-plan kitchen and living room.

    High flyer: Clas Ohlson's luxury bird house features an infinity pool, living room, open-plan living area and decked patio area - it's knows as the worst best bird house  Solent News / Rex Features

    The two-storey home also features a manicured lawn and ‘tweet’ deck, complete with garden table and chairs as well as infinity bird bath and swinging perch.

    Clas Ohlson, the Swedish company behind the bonkers bird house, is hoping UK demand for their bird houses will be high up the pecking order as, in recent years, the RSBP has encouraged British gardeners to make their homes more bird-friendly through initatives such as the Big Garden Birdwatch.

    Home tweet home: The Swedish company who designed the bird house also included a kitchen area, garden furniture set and a manicured lawn  Solent News / Rex Features

    However, installing a bird house like this will provide the feathered creatures with much more than a simple soruce of water and a place to store seeds. The world’s best bird house also features a home gym, en-suite master bedroom, floating stairs and even a security alarm.

    This might sound a bit bonkers, but last year a Derbyshire dog owner built a luxury pad for his pooch that was an exact replica of his own home, complete with fully fitted carpets and windows!

    Once you've attracted birds into your garden they can enjoy all the home comforts of luxury living including climbing the floating staircase and staring out the gabled windows  Solent News / Rex Features

    Despite it’s opulent design, the Clas Ohlson bird house is not available to buy, instead you are encouraged to design your own and have it custom built.

    This unique approach to design is due to the unusual history of
    the company, which was started in 1918 by Mr. Clas Ohlson and originally
    sold blueprints to customers who lived in remote parts of Sweden and
    weren’t able to get to shops to buy furniture.

    Nesting down: Pampered birds can also enjoy the other facilities on offer such as the home gym and bird feeder  Solent News / Rex Features

    For those of you looking for a cheaper version of the world’s best bird house, the Bird Feeder/House from Clas Ohlson is a scaled down model complete with front porch, windows and a chimmney. Its priced at £10.99.

    Looking for more wacky products? Clas Ohlson, whose 12 UK stores include one in East Croydon, also sell a toy helicopter with built in camera (useful for flying around the garden and annoying the birds) and an outdoor LED light disguised as a rock (again, useful for scaring the birds).

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