Carpet planks – is this the next big trend in flooring?

If floorboards and carpet had a baby, this is what it would look like!

Poor old carpet. The surface been through some rough times of late. Peer inside any suburban skip and you'll probably see an old roll languishing, unloved – rejected in favour of trendy floorboards.

Back in the 1970s, it was a totally different story. Carpet was everywhere – even in bathrooms. If it wasn't a thick shagpile, it was a chic but practical layer of carpet tiles. We just couldn't get enough of the stuff.

But what's this? Could a new form of carpet be about to lift fibrous flooring from out of the doldrums? Introducing carpet planks...

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carpet planks

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Carpet manufacturer Heckmondwike is reporting a big rise in demand for its 100 x 25cm carpet planks in recent months. And while it specialises in commercial projects, they've no reason to doubt that planks could soon be seen in our own homes.

'The planked look is very much on trend at the moment and we’ve seen a huge surge in interest from specifiers and designers alike,' says Robert Mortimer, Heckmondwike's National Sales Manager. 'Planks open up huge design opportunities as they can be used alongside tiles, sheet or other types of flooring. The overall effect is stunning, creating contemporary, vibrant interiors.'

There are plenty more good things to be said about planks – they're available in a wide choice of colours, for example. And they are better at insulating heat and sound, and less slippery underfoot, than the wood alternative.

four types of tile planks with black chair

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Heckmondwike sells four types of tile planks. Its eco-friendly Supacord planks come in a generous 42 shades, and are extremely durable and colourfast. Array is a ribbed charcoal carpet with a subtle linear pattern, available in a choice of 12 colours. There's also a Broadrib range, with – you've guessed it – broader ribs, which comes in 24 shades. Finally, there's Iron Duke, which has a flat finish that's easily cut to fit.

We've asked the company if it would sell direct to members of the public – fingers crossed it's a yes. Because if you're after a new look – perhaps in a playroom or in a zoned open-plan kitchen – we think they'd be perfect. As for whether more companies will be bringing carpet planks to the masses... watch this space.

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