10 signs you’ve taken your cleaning obsession too far

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  • If you're planning to do a big tidy up this weekend, make sure you don't fall into these potential pitfalls

    We’re all want a spotless home, but with busy schedules, kids and pets it can be quite difficult to achieve. Most weekends are spent sorting and tidying in a desire to get our homes looking shipshape for the week ahead. Binning things, clearing that dust… It’s all so satisfying and we salute your efforts – just beware of taking your decluttering too far. Clean is good, but an empty shell won’t feel terribly homely. The over-cleaning bug can be hard to spot, so here are some of the signs to look out for…

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    1. Your kitchen is so shiny that you can see your own reflection in the units

    Reflective worktop

    Image credit: Rachael Smith

    In order to keep it this way you have to wander around after everybody, cloth in hand, to get rid of their grubby fingerprints.

    2. Every single shoe has to be stored out of sight

    Keep your shoes hidden

    Image credit: Paul Reside

    You also have a strict no shoes policy indoors. And God forbid anyone who puts their dirty socks on your freshly vacuumed carpets!

    3. Your bookcase is sorted in alphabetical order

    And you get nervous if anyone moves any of the spines just slightly out of line.

    4. Your child’s toys and books have been used to create a pretty display

    Toy storage child's room

    Image credit: Louise O’ Bryan

    But you know that it can’t possibly stay that way once they get their mitts on everything.

    5. You’ve carefully chosen barely visible new furniture

    You have also streamlined all your accessories. Fewer possessions means a lot less dusting!

    6. You’ve taken colour coding to a whole new level

    Colour coded bookcase

    Image credit: James French

    These bookshelves are a dream!

    7. You’re afraid to step inside your front door incase you ruin the minimalist feel

    Minimalist front door

    After all, everything has to be perfect.

    8. You’re considering ditching the only piece of furniture in your space

    Minimalism at its finest.

    9. You’re scared to stain your perfectly white worktops

    Keep your worktop clean

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    In fact you barely cook because you are worried about a dirty oven, stained splashback and greasy extractor fan.

    10. You’d move the bath safely out of sight if you could just fit it into the cupboard

    Bathroom cupboard

    Image credit: David Giles

    Slightly farfetched?

    How many of these statements describe you?

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