Christmas tree lemonade hack you need to know if you have a real tree!

Gardener David Domoney reveals trees should drink more than just water...

Gardening expert David Domoney joined the team at This Morning to share his genius Christmas trees tips. While presenting his top tips for picking the prefect Christmas tree (opens in new tab)' he revealed his expert advice on how to look after a real Christmas tree (opens in new tab). Including his genius Christmas tree lemonade hack!

The surprising tip using full-fat lemonade, even left Phillip Schofield in astonishment. Read on to find out why...

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David Domoney's Christmas tree tips: looking after a real tree

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1. Treat real trees like cut flowers

'You've got to treat these cut trees as if they are cut flowers' David explains. 'Because the roots have been removed, so the magic is making sure they are regularly watered' he adds.

2. Cut the end before placing in water

'When you get it back the one thing to do, like cut flowers, you put them in water. But of course it's sealed at the end' he explains, gesturing towards to the stump. 'So what you really want to do is take about a centimetre, taking a slither of the stump off  – which exposes fresh tissue.'

He goes on to say, 'What I normally do is sit it in a bucket in the back garden for a night and a day, to soak up  as much moisture as possible. So it's fully hydrated before I bring it inside.'

3. Make sure your stand is suitable

When the tree is brought inside David emphasises how important the right stand is. 'Make sure you've got a stand that can hold water, and regularly water your tree once it's in there.'

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4. Feed with Lemonade

Who knew Christmas trees were the real secret lemonade drinkers?! As David is explaining what you can feed your tree, he reveals how lemonade is the secret drink to the job. 'you can use florist's cut flower food, or you can just mix up some sugar water or full-fat lemonade'. Explaining 'Because that will help keep the tree going.'

This revelation has Phillip asking'Lemonade?!' To which David replies, 'Yes, it's the sugar really Phillip. it's an element of food within. you'd be surprised just how much water the tree takes up' he goes on to explain. 'So adding a little bit of food keeps them looking fresher.'

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5. Don't place near the radiator

'Of course, don't put the tree anywhere near the radiator  That has no benefit at all,' he says, with a slight giggle.'  That just dries them out even more.' More than being cut from their roots he means of course.

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In this Covid world we are currently living in David is quick to add 'A group of growers have come together, it's called Needle Fresh (opens in new tab). They'd got a network of garden centres all over the country so you can visit the website and do a click and collect, home delivery or even book appointments to go and take a look'.

Meaning everyone stays safe when choosing a real tree this Christmas.

Anyone else now singing the R Whites lemonade song now, or is that just us?

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