See how this grandmother turned two pallets into a rustic vertical herb garden

It's so simple

If you love cooking with fresh herbs, but don't have space in your garden for a herb garden we have the perfect DIY project. This DIY pallet herb garden is super simple to make and perfect for small gardens.

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Vertical planters are ideal if you don't have much outdoor space. However, they can be costly. However, avid DIY-er, and grandmother, Hellan Pearce created a vertical herb planter for less than £10 using a couple of pallets.

DIY pallet herb garden

wooden pallet herb garden

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Hellan Pearce)

'I made the herb garden because our garden isn't that big, as we're in a new build. And my husband likes to cook with herbs,' Hellan explains. 'Herbs like mint can take over, so this herb garden is brilliant as it keeps each herb separate.'

To keep costs low, Hellan decided to work with wooden pallets for a couple of home DIY projects including the herb garden.

'I put a post on Facebook asking friends for unwanted pallets that could be picked up following social distancing rules,' she explains. 'People were great, and I had loads offered free of charge. They left them on their drives for me to pick up.'

diy wooden platforms for herb planter

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Hellan Pearce)

To make the planter Hellan used two pallets. 'It was a simple process of taking the pallet and filling in the bottom of each row with wood from another pallet to create the trough,' says Hellan.

She got the pallet ready for the herbs by lining each box with a plant liner. She then drilled holes in the bottom of each box for drainage.

diy wooden pallet herb planter and clock on brick wall

(Image credit: Future PLC / Hellan Pearce)

'I thing planted them up without favourite and most used herbs that I bought from Asda at £1.49 each,' she explains.

To add a final flourish, Hellan wrote the name of the herbs on the front in permanent marker. If you aren't as confident in your calligraphy skills as Hellan you can create a stencil out of paper to help guide your hand.

'Since making it, the herbs have double in size, so it has worked out great,' says Hellan.

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