Add ease and warmth to your home with brand new boiler technology

Promotional feature with Navien

With the cost of living increasing, we’re always looking for ways to make savings in our homes. But have you considered re-assessing your boiler? The latest Navien gas combi boilers will not only save you on gas and water usage but you’ll be getting hot water in up to three bathrooms - all at once. What’s not to love?

Instant warmth

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Swapping out your system boiler and cylinder for the newest combi boiler will not only save you space, but you’ll be adding extra ease and comfort into your life.

Navien’s NCB700 heats your home and, since it’s the very first boiler in the UK to have a built-in recirculation pump, it supplies water to taps faster than traditional cylinder system ensuring you're never left waiting for hot water. Plus, it reduces unnecessary water wastage.

Smart tech

Front of Navien combi-boiler showing display panel

No more faffing around with engineers when you need to check on your boiler. The NCB700 has a nifty front digital display panel you can check yourself. Or, even niftier, you can use Navien’s Smart Plus app to check the boiler’s status right from your phone.

As if that all wasn’t enough, this smart boiler actually learns how you use your hot water, meaning it can intelligently predict when the morning bathroom rush is about to kick off.

Save money - and the environment

White Navien combi-boiler

Navien’s combi boiler will help you save on gas and water bills, and even the installation costs themselves. The extra smart functions of the NCB700 also do more than just making the boiler more accessible on a daily basis.

The greater levels of controllability, plus functions such as smart weather forecasting and geofencing provide even greater - and even more welcome - energy savings.

But it’s not just your home and bank account that will benefit from the NCB700. It’s hydrogen-blend ready, meaning it’s able to support the UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy and switch to 20% hydrogen gas when needed, without requiring any modification.

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