Have you seen the new Homebase aisle that can save you money this winter?

Retailer makes it easier for shoppers to save time, money and energy thanks to new green aisles

Yesterday saw ‘The Green Aisle’ launch in 137 Homebase stores across Great Britain. The first-of-its-kind shopping destination showcases energy efficient and eco-friendly home improvement products – which will help make homes greener and help households save money this winter.

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The ‘The Green Aisle’, in partnership with Smart Energy GB, is a space for shoppers looking to be more eco-friendly.

The Green Aisle at Homebase

homebase smart green aisle

(Image credit: Homebase)

Recent research of 4,000 respondents, commissioned by Smart Energy GB, reveals that 74 per cent of Brits are keen to make their home greener.

However, half admitting that they don’t know where to start in doing so?! The launch of ‘The Green Aisle’ arms shoppers with the information they need to make more environmentally informed choices on their home improvements.

Homebase say, 'Much like the specialist aisles in supermarkets for free-from products, ‘The Green Aisle’ collates greener items based on their energy efficiency credentials, as supported by Energy Saving Trust.'

homebase smart energy green aisle

(Image credit: Homebase)

The research revealed the key motivation behind making homes greener is to help the environment, stated 71 per cent. But equally, with 71 per cent was in a bid to save money.

The Energy Saving Trust found that a household can save up to £581 on energy bills each year if they implement a range of efficiency measures. On top of the financial savings, a household could also save 2,141 kg of CO2e emissions. That's the equivalent energy for powering the lights in 27 homes in the UK for a year. When broken down like that, it's startling to think of the waste.

Shopping for smarter energy systems

homebase smart energy gree aisle

(Image credit: Homebase)

Items on ‘The Green Aisle‘ range from washing machines and fridge freezers. To eco-friendly paint; insulation; draught excluders and smart appliances.

A key component of a smarter energy system, are smart meters. These help to reduce energy waste within the system, enable greater integration of renewable energy and allow for the mass uptake of low carbon technologies. The aisle therefore includes information on how customers can request a smart meter installation from their energy supplier.

Smart meters enable consumers to better manage their domestic energy consumption. Helping to reduce waste and money as a result.  Most importantly, as Homebase point out, ' They help to upgrade Britain’s energy system to one that can help tackle the climate crisis and meet our net zero target.'

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The nation’s extended period spent indoors and the Government’s Green Homes Grant scheme has helped drive the trend for green home improvements. Let's hope this is a cause we all care about well past lockdown.

The new green initiative arrives in stores nationwide from this month on.


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