Laundry expert reveals surprising trick to keep blankets super soft this Autumn

Top tips to get your home ready to cosy up this Autumn

Autumn is officially here. The temperature has dropped and with a change in season comes a change in furnishings and wardrobe.

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If you are currently pulling out the winter blankets, Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap reveals how to clean a blanket to keep it extra soft. Along with other tips to prepare your soft furnishings for autumn.

1.Wash blankets carefully with vinegar

wash blanket with vinegar

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After months stowed away, it is important to give any throws or knitwear a wash to refresh them.

'While it's tempting to douse your sweaters or blankets in fabric softener to make them softer, natural alternatives are often just as good, it not more effective,' explains Deyan. 'Soak the pieces in a white vinegar and water solution for about 20 minutes, drain and always lay your wollens flat to dry.'

2.Opt for natural fibres when buying new throws

woolly sweaters and blanket on table

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'Not many 'woolly' sweaters and blankets are actually made from 100 per cent wool,' says Deyan. 'As some fibres fray more than others, different combinations can wreak havoc on your skin.'

When you can Deyan recommends opting for high quality natural fibres such as cotton, cashmere and wool. These fabrics should wear better and feel much cosier.

3.Invest in soft furnishings that make your home warmer

room with blanket and rug

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 Cushions and throws are great for creating a cosy feeling in the colder months. There is also the added bonus that they will provide an extra layer of insulation.

'Thermal-lined curtains can help retain heat, and rugs can provide an extra cosy feel. Particularly, if you have tiles or floorboards,' points out Deyan. 'Keep fluffy rugs clean with a steam cleaner and non-foam carpet detergent, to keep them looking fresh and new.'

4.Make sure your summer items are stored away

storage boxes with blanket

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Spring isn't the only time for a deep clean, Autumn is the ideal time to clean and store any items you're not going to be needing over the next few months.

'In the autumn and winter months, wash, thoroughly dry and fold your most treasured garments into air-tight storage boxes to avoid moths quietly having their way with them,' advises Deyan.

'Make sure to remove any plastic wrapping, as it will trap moist air and could cause mould and mildew to form. Pop particularly delicate items, such as satin or silk dresses, into more breathable cotton garment bags and hang as normal.'

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Are your soft furnishings ready for the new season?

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