Snap it up: we are deciding to buy our homes, the biggest purchase of our lives, after one viewing and 33 minutes’ careful consideration…

We take less time choosing our homes than we do a new sofa or car, says insurer Aviva

How long did it take you to choose your last sofa? Did you do your research, hit the shops and trail the internet?

Usually it takes us Brits an age to make a decision on new purchases, but nowadays we choose something as important as our next home in just 33 minutes.

According to a survey carried out by the insurance company Aviva, last year the average buyer spent just over half an hour viewing a potential property before they made an offer on what is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases of their lives.

The Aviva research, which quizzed approximately 4,000 home owners, suggests that the recent strong competition seen in the UK housing market is forcing some buyers to make snap decisions with one in four (24%) saying they only made one viewing before they decided to buy.

As a result, many new homeowners have to spend £1,000 more than expected on unchecked household repairs once they have moved in.

It also came to light that many home hunters do not know how to spot potential problems in properties when house hunting.

As a result Aviva has published a helpful online hazard checklist, including repair estimations for common problems such as faulty guttering or leaky windows. So next time, take your time, be sure and pack a calculator…

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