Laundry lifesaver – meet the ultimate caring washing machine for busy families

Choosing the right washing machine is hugely important for a busy family. Thanks to clever automatic features, LG’s washing machines are a perfect fit.

Choosing the right washing machine is a must, but it’s even more important for a bustling family household. As well as tackling large loads, it’s likely that you need your washer to handle a variety of tasks, from leaving baby clothes hygienically clean to tackling a muddy sports kit in less than an hour. LG’s new range of washing machines are a perfect fit.

Thanks to clever automatic features, they take the guesswork out of choosing programmes, so there’s no need to worry about accidentally washing your woollens on a 90-degree cotton cycle. Influencer The Anna Edit has been putting one of the machines through its paces at home and has been impressed.

Cure the laundry day blues

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Sometimes it feels like the laundry is never done. Between reading care labels, or popping a few items in and hoping for the best, by the time one load is finished, there’s another waiting to go in. LG’s washing machines take the hassle out of all that

They use a feature called AI DD Smart Fabric Care, which means you don’t have to puzzle over picking the right programme – it weighs your laundry and senses the softness of the fabric to choose the ideal settings.

‘The inbuilt AI DD is absolutely genius,’ says Anna. ‘It reduces the occurrence of fabric damage by 18% and means the chance of your prized jumper coming out Barbie-size, or damaging your children’s favourite teddy bear is zero.’

Another feature you’ll love is Steam+, which adds a cloud of steam at the end of a cycle to eliminate 99.9 per cent of allergens, such as dust mites, which is great news if there’s someone at home with asthma or allergies.

Take a break

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If you want to spend less time doing the laundry, LG’s new washers can deliver serious savings. The Turbowash 360 ̊ programme handles a whole wash in just 39 minutes – and, because it uses special nozzles that reach every inch, clothes are thoroughly cleaned.

‘39 minutes is almost half the time of the quickest wash on our old machine,’ reveals Anna. ‘It’s fast, but gentle with tiny jets all around the drum putting in the work so it never compromises on fabric protection.’

Its Steam+ function also works double duty, the steam helping to de-crease fabric for 30 per cent fewer wrinkles, so you’ll be ironing less too. The new range can even reduce how often you wash, as some have a huge 10.5kg capacity – without increasing the size of the machine – so you can fit more in at once.

'The drum size is so good for when you’ve just got back from holiday, or you fancy throwing in your duvet or front room curtains,’ says Anna.

Enjoy style and convenience

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The new washing machines aren’t just clever on the inside, they’re smart on the outside. Stylish and elegant, each has a durable tempered glass door, hygienic stainless-steel lifters in the drum, instead of plastic, an easily visible display and striking metallic finish dial. They’re also built to withstand everything that family life can throw at it – something Anna can really appreciate.

‘After having to call out a repair team three times in the past year for our old washing machine, I’m so excited to have a durable and high-quality piece of kit in our kitchen that will last for years,’ she says.

LG’s washing machines will even grow with your family – thanks to Smart ThinQ, you can download up to 20 specialised wash programmes from its app, so there’ll always be the right one for the load. You can also use the app to track how much water and energy your machine consumes. They’re clever, convenient and have a capacity big enough for busy family life – we’re certain washday will never be blue again.

Whizz through the washing

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With an energy saving rating of A+++ and optimised cycles that can help to trim your bills, LG’s smart new washing machines deliver a family-sized laundry solution. They also produce great results every time, tackling tough stains and dirt, and have dedicated programmes for duvets, delicates, wool, hand-washing and more. The machines fit easily around a busy lifestyle too, with a delay start of between three and 19 hours.

Visit [URL TBC] to discover the latest collection and find out more about each hi-tech feature.

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