The top little white lies we tell about our homes – and the truth behind them!

How many are you guilty of?

No one said keeping up with the Joneses is easy. Which is why, every so often, we might elaborate on the truth a little when talking about our homes. Sometimes the lie just slips out. Your friend comes over for coffee and casts an admiring glance at your latest decorating efforts, and suddenly, you find yourself telling a tall tale about what inspired you, where your latest statement piece was from, or even how much you spent.

We've come up with a list of our favourite 'home untruths'. How many of these little white lies have you told?

1. We bought the place for its original features

room with fireplace blue wall and parquet flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC /Brent Darby)

You say: 'As soon as we saw the parquet flooring, we just had to put in an offer.'
The reality: You had no idea it was there until the carpet fitters ripped up the old Axminster and said what a shame it was to cover such a lovely floor.

2. It was just a little something I picked up on my travels

You say: 'I found those gorgeous tea light holders in a little market in Marrakech the last time I was there.'
The reality: You spotted them in the Aldi Specialbuy aisle and thought they had a bit of a Moorish twist.

3. I was inspired by a literary classic

bedroom with wooden door and white drawer

(Image credit: Future PLC /Brent Darby)

You say: 'I was going for a Brideshead Revisited meets The Great Gatsby look in the master bedroom.'
The reality: You were stuck with a 1920s bedstead you inherited from an elderly aunt, and had to make the best of it.

4. Don't you just love my home's minimalist look?

You say: 'I have totally decluttered my flat and love the minimalist vibe I've created.'
The reality: Your other half threatened to sleep in the car if you didn't address your storage and hoarding issues.

5. My mismatched crockery? It's totally deliberate

open crockery shelve with cup and saucer

(Image credit: Future PLC /Brent Darby)

You say: 'I love to mix and match cups and saucers in different patterns to create a bohemian, eclectic look.'
The reality: You've smashed more cups and plates than your local Greek restaurant, leaving you with lots of partly completed sets.

6. It's a beautiful French antique piece

You say: 'I fell in love with this armoire when I was antiquing in the South of France. I just HAD to ship it back home.'
The reality: You made it yourself from a battered old wardrobe that you 'attacked' with a hacksaw, some voile and a tin of crackle glaze.

7. I spent weeks getting the colour just right

bathroom with white bathtub and wooden rack

(Image credit: Future PLC /Dominic Blackmore)

You say: 'My bathroom walls were inspired by a recent trip to Santorini – this is the exact shade of the island's famous rooftops.'
The reality: Your local "shed" had an amazing deal on blue paint.

You say: 'I'm all about Mediterranean-style living, and am going for an indoor-outdoor vibe this summer.'
The reality: You'll be sat in the back garden, eating and drinking your own body weight in olives and Sangria.

9. Anything more than a feature wall would be too much

room with white chair wallpaper and wooden floorboard

(Image credit: Future PLC /Brent Darby)

You say: 'I decided to stick to a "signature" wall in a designer wallpaper as using the pattern on all four would look too busy.'
The reality: You nearly had to take out a second mortgage to afford two rolls of the stuff – there was no way you were paying for eight!

So how many sound familiar? Don't feel too guilty – we've all done it!

Amy Cutmore

Amy Cutmore is an experienced interiors editor and writer, who has worked on titles including Ideal Home, Homes & Gardens, LivingEtc, Real Homes, GardeningEtc, Top Ten Reviews and Country Life. And she's a winner of the PPA's Digital Content Leader of the Year. A homes journalist for two decades, she has a strong background in technology and appliances, and has a small portfolio of rental properties, so can offer advice to renters and rentees, alike.