Martin Lewis reveals how you could be saving £100s on your water bill

Small change, big savings
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  • Our favourite money saving expert has a top tip to save on water bills. Speaking on This Morning, Martin Lewis revealed that households could be saving hundreds of pounds on their water bills.

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    From the 1st April, water bills are set to go down for many people. The savings expert explained that billpayers could save an average of £17 a month.

    Martin Lewis’s tip to save on water bills

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    ‘On 1st April, the cost of water bills in England Wales will drop on average by four per cent,’ he explained. ‘That means a fall of £17 a year on the typical bill – though some areas will see an increase (Yorkshire water up by four per cent).’

    ‘Although some bills will rise, many households in England and Wales will notice the price of their water bills go down.’

    However, although any savings are a plus in our book, Martin Lewis has a trick to save even more.

    ‘Though a nice relief, those in England and Wales could save even more by checking if they can switch to a free water meter instead,’ he went onto explain.

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    ‘My general rule of thumb is if your home has the same number or more bedrooms than people, then it’s likely you’ll save by switching to a water meter,’ he says.

    The money expert advised checking the Consumer Council For Water’s calculator to see how much you could save. One household managed to save over £7000 a year by switching to a water meter.

    ‘Savings here can be huge,’ he points out. ‘Like Anne who tweeted me “@MartinSLewis The best household saving I’ve ever made was to use a water meter. Bills reduced from £83 to £18!” – that’s a saving of over £700 per year. It’s worth a check.’

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    Will you be checking the Consumer Council for Water’s calculator to see if you could be saving £100s?

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