Five ways to save water in style in your bathroom

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When it comes to redesigning your bathroom, taking water efficiency into account has more or less become a necessity. We should all be trying to conserve water, as it takes energy to process and deliver clean water to our homes – not to mention heat it for a shower or bath. Did you know, for example, that heating water for use in our homes makes up about 4 per cent the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions?

Happily, the latest key pieces for bathrooms are often created with water efficiency at the heart of their design. From aerated showers and taps to dual-flush toilets, these water-saving wonders will allow you to create an eco-friendly bathroom, without having to sacrifice your self-care rituals.

Read on to discover's five clever ways to save water in your bathroom.

1. Turn off the taps properly

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You really don’t need to leave the water running when brushing teeth or shaving, so turn them off! With’s Orchard Derwent tap, you can save water without compromising on design, with its sleek and chic style.

It’s simple to turn on and off with its easy lever-style control (you really have no excuses!), and like all taps, it comes with ceramic disc cartridges, which reduce the risk of drips or leaks forming.

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2. Check for leaks regularly

Do you have a dripping tap, leaky cistern or pouring overflow? Wasted water can cost you a huge amount a year so it really is worth attending to those niggly jobs promptly. Little leaks can quickly turn into bigger floods, causing damage to surrounding cupboards, floors and ceilings.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on your water bills – if your usage suddenly shoots up for no good reason, it's a good indication that you have a leak in the pipes outside. Get those leaks sorted – it’ll make life easier in the long run.

3. Reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower

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We all like taking a nice long shower, but it’s a notorious water-waster. With smart showering systems like SmarTap, you can automatically set your ideal duration so you don’t lose track of time or water usage. The latest in smart showering systems, SmarTap, which is available in the UK exclusively at, allows you to set the time and temperature of your shower.

SmarTap can also be used with your bath, allowing you to regulate the temperature automatically, filling your bath to a pre-determined level. So if you have a shower-hog in your household, a SmarTap is just the ticket!

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4. Use water-efficient equipment

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If you are redesigning your bathroom, water efficiency will be a basic consideration. New bathroom equipment is specifically created with water efficiency at the heart of its design. Using aerated showers and taps, for example, that maintain the same pressure as standard equipment without using as much water means that you can create an eco-friendly bathroom without having to cut back on your luxurious bathing rituals.

Using aerated shower heads and taps will give you the same flow and pressure as a traditional tap but you’ll save up to £100 a year. The Bath Co. Camberley Shower comes with an elegant drench head with wall arm, plus an adjustable and fully detachable shower handset for rinsing and cleansing.

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5. Buy a toilet with a dual-flush system

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You may already be familiar with toilets with a dual flush. There are two buttons –  one for a small flush and one for a big flush. Most dual flushes come with 4/6 litre flushes. This means you only ever use what you need. In comparison to standard flush systems, this could save you up to 5,000 litres of water every single year.’s Mode Tate dual-flush toilet comes with a dual flush of 3/6 litres and has a contemporary and ultra chic design, while all cistern fittings are approved by WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme). It’s crafted from high-quality white glazed ceramic that's easy to maintain and has a luxury soft closing seat that can be released quickly for cleaning.

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So there you have it. You don’t have to compromise on design to have an eco-friendly bathroom and you can save yourself some cash as well. It may seem like just a drop in the ocean but if we all saved a drop, we can save an ocean between us.

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