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  • Holly Tucker, co-founder of the site, believes decorating is about finding your own style, rather than following trends

    Holly Tucker

    More than 10 years ago, Holly Tucker teamed up with her friend Sophie Cornish to create online marketplace Enabling small businesses around the UK to sell unique homeware and accessories on one site, it became a huge success and earned Holly an MBE. She now serves as a board member and lives in St Margarets, Middlesex, with her partner, Frank, their son, Harry, and their border terrier, Mr Mudley.

    What inspires you?

    I’ve dedicated my life to supporting the most creative businesses out there. Being able to watch what they produce is an honour. From the boutiques crammed into village lanes to start-ups with popular Instagram profiles, independent businesses are at the cutting edge of what’s new.

    Tell us about your home.

    Shopping for my home is my therapy. I believe that your home is an extension of you, your dreams and your spirit. You should be able to get to know someone very well by walking around their homes.

    How would you describe your style?

    Every wall in my house is white. When we moved in six years ago, we painted every wall white in less than 48 hours. I introduce colour through accessories. I can’t seem to get enough of artwork featuring animals, so the first thing I bought for the house was a fibreglass pig sculpture called ‘Pigs’ by the artist Finn Stone. Working with creative people has influenced my style. I always push things further now – for instance, why would a kitchen island be normal? Why don’t I engrave the light switches? It’s pretty exhausting.

    Do you have any decorating advice?

    I never make considered decisions when decorating. Every time I’ve done revamps, they’ve happened to coincide with huge projects going on at, so they’ve taken a backseat to work. In fact, we’ve just embarked on a big renovation of the house and I’ll be launching my new venture. Holly & Co, in January, halfway through the building works. I’ll never learn. I also regularly fill my home with treasures from Petersham Nurseries.

    Which room do you love most?

    My favourite room is my bedroom. It’s a place where I can shut the world out after a busy day and take a few deep breaths. I have a beautiful dressing table full of jewellery and treasure boxes displayed like art. Some pieces are more valuable than others, some are hand-made by my son, but each one symbolises a different story. I look at them and am instantly transported back to that moment. These memories are priceless to me.

    Interview by Ginevra Benedetti

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