The most common DIY mistake that even expert Max McMurdo makes – and how to avoid it

Even the most experience DIY experts have disasters

here is nothing more satisfying than a bit of DIY unless it goes wrong. From forgetting to measure properly to glueing your fingers together, even the most experienced DIY experts can fall victim to common DIY disasters.

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Bayut, the UAE's largest property portal revealed in a recent survey that almost of a fifth of the UK has experienced a DIY disaster. However, Millenials and Gen Z were found to have the worst track record when it came to DIY disasters. 

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93 per cent of Gen Z admitted to falling victim to a DIY disaster. While Millenials weren't found to be much better, with 87 per cent admitting to home disasters. 

Dropping paint on the floor was found to be the most common DIY disaster. While hitting yourself with a hammer was found to be the second most common. 

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However, this second DIY mistake isn't confined to Gen Z and Millenials. Almost a third of baby boomers confessed to hitting their hands with a hammer. It seems this is a mistake that can befall even the most experienced of DIY-ers. 

'Number two on the list of DIY disasters is hitting yourself with a hammer, which still happens to me,' says DIY expert and TV presenter Max McMurdo. 'So, a top tip of mine for avoiding this is to practice on an old piece of wood until you perfect your swing, holding the hammer at the end of the handle away from the head.'


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While you might have so far avoided hitting yourself with a hammer, see below for the full list of most common DIY disaster. How many are your guilty off?

Most common DIY disasters

DIY mistakes are easy to make but can lead to injuries. So always take care when performing home improvements. 

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