The city with the lowest moving costs is revealed – and it's £1000 CHEAPER than London

We've got the inside track on where it costs the least – and the most – to move house

You’ve scoured the internet for the cheapest places to live, narrowing down the filter on Rightmove and Zoopla. Finally, you take the plunge and schedule a few house viewings that are in your budget.

But before you fall in love with the kitchen or living room space and put in an offer, you might want to check how much it is actually going to cost you to move.

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Moving houses can often cost Brits almost £2,000 in hidden costs. These costs involve shelling out on movers, storage space, professional cleaning, painting and decorating and the all-important redirection of post.

However, not all cities will cost you an arm and a leg to move to. An investigation by Admiral Home Insurance, has revealed the most expensive cities for house movers, and more importantly the cheapest!

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 Factoring in cleaning, painting, storage, hiring a man with a van and renting a van, London topped the list as the most expensive location to move house. The hidden costs in South and West London totted up to an estimated £2,223.63.

It was followed by Southampton, where it would cost you £2,025.06 to move to a new property. However, surprisingly, it cost £100 less to move in North London, than in Oxford or Nottingham.

Birmingham was found to be the cheapest city to move in, setting you back only £1,345.84. That’s almost £900 less than it would cost you to move in South London. Closely followed by Newcastle, which will only require you to budget £1,470.34 to relocate.

Check the lists below to see if you could be in for any budgeting surprise when moving to your dream home.

Areas with the highest moving costs in the UK

  1. South London – £2,223.63
  2. West London – £2,067.40
  3. Southampton – £2,025.06
  4. East London – £1,998.13
  5. Brighton – £1,973.66
  6. Nottingham – £1,924.28
  7. Oxford – £1,923.57
  8. North London – £1,822.21
  9. Edinburgh – £1,859.82
  10. Manchester – £1,744.94

Areas with the lowest moving costs in the UK


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  1. Birmingham – £1,345.84
  2. Newcastle – £1,470.34
  3. Plymouth – £1,541.53
  4. Liverpool – £1, 548.53
  5. Belfast – £1,564.66
  6. Swansea – £1,577.05
  7. Leeds – £1,581.27
  8. Norwich – £1,610.56
  9. Bristol – £1,617.83
  10. Glasgow – £1,628.20

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Have you set aside enough for money to pay the movers, or will you be putting in a last-minute call to your friends with the biggest cars?

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