Good Move reveals the biggest challenges of living with a partner and how to overcome them

Leaving clothes and shoes around has been named the biggest bugbear for partners living together

Are you planning on moving in with your partner? Not before you read the results of this survey.

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Unfortunately, moving in with your sweetheart isn't all plain sailing. The last six months have proven that all too well for many couples. 

New research from Good Move reveals that over half of couples, 56 per cent to be exact, have broken up after moving in together. People drift apart and fall in and out of love. But squabbles over doing the dishes doesn't help.

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Good Move found that the biggest bugbear of living with a partner was leaving clothes, bags and shoes everywhere. This was closely followed by leaving the toilet seat up – will they never learn? 

However, it seems those of us with long hair aren't much better. Amassing lots of hair in the plug and leaving hair clips around, came in fourth and fifth place in the top ten biggest annoyances. 

Top ten biggest bugbears after moving in together with a partner

  1. Leaving clothes/bags/shoes everywhere (22%)
  2. Leaving the toilet seat up (21%)
  3. Not doing the washing up (21%)
  4. Amassing lots of hair in the plug (19%)
  5. Leaving hair clips around (19%)
  6. Not cleaning up after cooking (18%)
  7. No pet peeves (18%)
  8. Leaving wet towels around the house (17%)
  9. Not doing chores unless asked (17%)
  10. Spending too much time on video games (17%)

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However, if you are thinking about moving in with your partner Chris Pleines, relationship expert at Dating Scout says don't lose heart over petty squabbles. 

'It’s important to be realistic and not expect that everything will go as planned. There will be some bumps along the way but don’t lose heart when these problems pop up,' Chris explains. 

'Remember that the most important thing to consider is how you feel for each other and try to have fun while doing the errands and other important things that come with moving together too.'

'Moving in together is a big step,' adds Nima Ghasri, Director at Good Move. 'We hope couples do think seriously about the decision before they enter a rental contract or mortgage together.' 

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Did you have any 'moving in together' nightmares? How did you solve these dilemmas?

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