Argos is selling a his and hers duvet that will put an end to bedtime arguments for just £30

Give each other a good nights sleep with Valentine's Day

A good nights sleep can make or break a couple. Prevent any sleepless night induced arguments with this his and hers duvet from Silentnight.

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Snoring, hogging the duvet, getting too hot/too cold. There's an endless list of things that can come between a couple at bedtime. In fact, a quarter of British couples admit to arguing about there duvet at night time.

However, Silentnight's yours and mine duvet can strike one of those complaints off the list. The duvet promises to help you and your partner drift off at your ideal temperature.

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If you're always complaining about feeling too cold, but your partner is too hot, the duvet includes two togs in one to cater to you both.

The cool side of the double duvet features a 4.5 tog, the warmer side has a higher 7.5 tog. The duvet is made up of soft microfibre filled with hollow fibre, making sure both sides are equally comfortable.

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The Silentnight yours & mine duvet is not the first duvet to cater to the individual tastes of a couple. However, priced at £30 it is the cheapest on the market. That is £20 cheaper than the next cheapest two tog duvet from Nanu.

However, if you're looking to fully personalise your duvet, Nanu allows you to pick the warmth level on each side. The website guides you towards the ideal tog by matching it to whether you want to feel chilled, cosy or toasty.

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Buy now: Silentnight Yours & Mine double duvet, £30, Argos

The only restrictions on personalising the duvet are that you can only set the warmth of your partner's half to one level above or below your half.

Prices for the Nanu hot or not duvet start at £50 for a double. While prices for a king-size duvet start at £55.

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Is this duvet the answer to your couple dreams?

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