Streets ahead: everybody needs good neighbours and, as it turns out, us Brits are rather a helpful bunch…

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  • According to a new survey, eight in 10 Brits know their neighbours and are happy to help their local community

    With a little understanding, you can find the perfect… (ahem, that’s enough of that). If you’re humming along, chances are you watched the soap on a 1980s TV screen when it was ALL about Kylie and Jason.

    Now we’re old enough to have our own neighbours and even have an opinion about them (er, when did that happen?), it’s quite a relief to hear that we’re actually quite a friendly bunch – as eight in 10 Brits have done favours for neighbours.

    That’s according to new research from mortgage and loans provider Ocean Finance. The study of over 2,000 Brits reveals that the UK is a nation of good neighbours.

    Three-quarters (73%) of us have spoken with our neighbours in the last week and a third (33%) have stopped to have a chat in the last 24 hours.

    Only one in 20 Brits admits that they have never spoken to the person who lives next door (phew!).

    We’re also willing to offer a helping hand when it’s needed, too. The most common favour is to accept a delivery on a neighbour’s behalf (64%), bring in the bins (39%) or watch over a property while the owner is away (37%). Some lovely neighbours (11%) even help out with DIY!

    But who knows their neighbours best of all? It turns out that homeowners who live in terraced houses know their neighbours well, with (89%) of respondents who live in a terrace saying they know their neighbours’ names. However just half (56%) of respondents who live in a rented flat know their neighbours.

    There’s also a difference between town and country. Nearly two-fifths (79%) of those who live somewhere rural say their area has community spirit, while half (54%) of those in residential suburban areas feel this way.

    ‘Just like the popular Australian soap, it seems like neighbours in the UK really are good friends,’ says Ian Williams, spokesman for Ocean Finance. ‘It’s refreshing to see that the majority of Brits are happy to do their neighbour a favour or stop for a chat with them.’

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