It seems it’s far from grim up north as Newcastle tops the list of cities seeing huge property price rises in 2013

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  • End-of-year statistics reveal the winners and losers in the house price race, with some surprising results

    No dinner party is complete without at least one conversation about
    property prices. Even in times of austerity, it seems we’re still
    obsessed with our house values.

    So it will come as no surprise to find prices are generally on the up again, by an average of some £10,000, according to figures published by Zoopla.

    But the big eye-opener is that rocketing rates are no longer confined to London and the South East: numerous cities right across the country have
    recorded huge increases in the past year, the most impressive appearing in Zoopla’s top 10 property price rise cities 2013.

    Top-of-the-hotspots Newcastle is a prime
    example, with prices rising by 10.1%, from an average of
    £166,345 in December 2012 to £183,057 in December 2013 – more, it should
    be noted, than London, which sneaked into second place with an average rise of 10%.

    Cambridge with an 8.8% rise, Barnsley at 8.7%, and Cardiff jumping 8.4% are also cause for conversation over pud.

    Three Scottish cities made it into the top 10 – Glasgow with an 8.2% rise, Dundee with a hike of 7.5% and Aberdeen with an overall increase of 7.3%.

    Even York, at the bottom of the top 10, saw a none-too-shabby 6.6% rise, with average prices jumping from £223,304 in December 2012 to £237,304 at the end of 2013.

    Of course, where there are winners, there are usually losers, too, with the worst-performing cities being left behind.

    Price rises here are at best meagre, at worst – in the case of Rotherham – an actual fall. But on the bright side, for anyone thinking of moving to Bolton, Colchester or Wolverhampton, now might be the perfect time to invest.

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