10 ways to pack your shed for winter

Chaotic outbuildings are a hazard for belongings – but now garden experts have shared tips on how to pack your shed for the colder months

Shed contents could get lost or damaged over winter unless they are properly stored, the specialists at garden furniture retailer BillyOh.com have all the answers to prepare your shed for the harsh winter ahead.

1. Protect the shed

shed-winter pack your shed for winter

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

It can’t shelter your possessions if it’s not protected itself. Check wooden sheds for termites and leaks, and metal ones for rust and corrosion. You should also look the roof over for mould and dampness, and make sure the shed is insulated with proper flooring and window covers to protect against condensation.

2. Declutter

Don’t wait for spring to do a clear out. The best way to free up some space is to go through everything and get rid of things you don’t need.

3. Use the ceiling space

There’s so much extra storage you can get from the ceiling. Install overhead racks, or fit plywood strips on to the ceiling for sliding storage boxes.

4. Use the wall


Image credit: David Brittain

As well as shelving, you can install a pegboard or magnetic rack for tools, or hooks on wall-mounted rails to hold large tools in vertical space. Fold down workbenches create extra space.

5. Install storage tubes

Plastic or cardboard tubes can be fixed to the ceiling to hold items such as pipes and pieces of wood.

6. Create dispensers

Try using a towel rack to up a roll dispenser for bin bags, or use plastic funnels to store and dispense twine.

7. Put up hooks, straps and baskets

These can go on the walls and door and are very handy for holding objects of all sizes.

8. Store your bike


Image credit: Matthew Williams

There are some very inspired ways to keep your bike in a shed using minimal space. You could slot it by its top tube between two wall storage boxes, put it upright in a bookcase-style unit, or even get a ceiling mount.

9. Stay organised

Arrange the shed contents in a way that is convenient to you; perhaps by size, purpose or frequency of use.

10. Lock up your shed

shed-locked pack your shed winter

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

It’s easy to be lax on shed security, but you’re likely to have some very expensive possessions in there, so make sure the door has a good lock.

Have your prepared your garden shed for winter?

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