Phil Spencer shares his simple and affordable hack to sell a house quickly

Start getting the cleaning supplies out
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  • If you want to sell your home quickly it’s a no-brainer that you’re going to need to invest a little time and money into making your home look good. However, before you jump in with a new kitchen, this Phil Spencer carpet tip could be all you need to speed the selling process along.

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    Speaking on series three of the Move IQ podcast the property guru shared his advice on what you should do to help sell your home. He explained that while a new kitchen might add value, there are two other more affordable things you can do first. Including cleaning the carpet.

    ‘The old ad is that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, and that’s true,’ he admits. ‘I’ve taken 100s of people into a house, and if the kitchen’s good, great – I’m interested.’

    Phil Spencer carpet tip 3

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    ‘But that is a really significant investment. People do look into it and think about it. I think it’s a crying shame that you’ve lived in your house for so long and only just put in a new kitchen – you should have put it in five years ago,’ he adds.

    Instead of shelling out on an expensive renovation Phil suggests starting small.

    Phil Spencer carpet tip for selling a house

    ‘I believe that you can make a significant difference to the marketability, and hopefully the price, with a fairly small amount of money,’ he explains. ‘In my experience, the easiest wins are a coat of paint throughout and fresh carpets.’

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    However, since new carpets can still be quite expensive, he suggests getting your carpets professionally cleaned instead.

    ‘Clean your house from top to bottom. Make it gleam. Repaint the walls, freshen up the carpets and declutter. Tidy your garden and you’re done.’

    ‘We’re not talking £10,000 we’re talking £3,000. A bit of elbow grease, some hard work and weekends. It makes a huge difference.’

    For a three-bedroom home, you can expect to pay somewhere around £120 to £200 to get your carpets professionally cleaned. You might be able to cut costs further if you’re handy with a paintbrush

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    If you are considering giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, Phil suggests opting for a straight forward magnolia shade. ‘No one walks into a home and says I hate magnolia walls, I’m not buying the house,’ he adds. ‘They may go, well that’s a bit dull but I could paint it.’

    After twenty years presenting Location, Location, Location, Phil has first-hand experience about what factors will sway a housebuyer. He has even rescued homes struggling to sell in his 2012 show Phil Spencer: Secret Agent.

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    So remember you don’t need to splash the cash to sell you home. All you need is a really good clean up.

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