The best photo gallery walls you’ll ever see

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  • Don't know what to do with that bland spot on the wall? Fill it with memories and take inspiration from these creative designs

    Gallery walls are a fashionable way to hang all your favourite bits together – the more mismatched the better.

    Our favourite looks experiment not just with frame shapes, but with different materials, sizes, and photo styles. Photo gallery walls can be achieved anywhere in the home and add personality and taste to boring spaces and bland walls – as these gorgeous ideas prove…

    Modern art

    This room certainly abides by the rule that more is more. Beyond vibrant furniture stands a statement wall of varying pieces of art. We love the teeny-tiny gallery that runs along the top, and how the shelf of books looks like part of the wall! It’s all about attention to detail and fitting frames in wherever you can, like a jigsaw puzzle.

    Sketchy kitchen

    We love how much personality this photo gallery adds to this industrial-looking kitchen. Framing old family portraits and mixing them with children’s sketches creates a unique look that adds fun and colour to an otherwise white room. It’s also a chic way to incorporate your child’s designs.

    Feast amongst frames

    Large dining rooms often feature long, long walls so unless you’re thinking mural or wallpaper, a photo gallery is a great way to save it from feeling sterile. The considerable variation in frame size on this wall adds an eclectic look to compliment the dandelion lampshade and plastic chairs.

    Victorian museum

    This 19th century fireplace is so ornate and beautifully kept that it had to be the centrepiece to this gallery. Surrounded by statement mismatched and tarnished frames, it has a wonderful antique look that is emphasised with the addition of old, sepia photos.

    Consistency is key

    If you cherish consistency, then this wall design is for you. The photos are all extremely similar in design and colour, and the style is accentuated by matching frames that hang in a regimented order. The gallery looks great with a co-ordinating room colour scheme.

    Easy exhibition

    Keeping it simple, this room has a no-fuss approach to its gallery wall. Consistent white moulds house black and white photos, which creates a simple yet striking look that doesn’t interfere with the blue and stone colour scheme. This wall could be adopted anywhere in the house.

    Hung in the hallway

    People often fear small hallway spaces and keep them airy and white. This design goes against the grain and coats the lacquered walls with tons of tiny frames. They are a great talking point with guests, and we bet they look great under the lights of that disco ball!

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