We reveal postcodes MOST likely to see house prices drop in the coming months

Is yours one of them?

Could your home be in the one of the postcodes predicted to see house prices drop over the coming months?

New research from TheAdvisory, an independent consumer advice group for home sellers, has revealed the postcodes most likely to see house prices drop in the next month.

In other news: This is what's currently happening to house prices in the UK – and it's good news!

By analysing the performance of 786,542 property sales, across England & Wales, the weakest property markets have been identified. TheAdvisory has issued price drop warnings for 262 postcode districts.

The following ten postcodes have been revealed as being the most likely to see house prices drop over the coming months.

Top 10 postcodes predicted to see house prices drop

1. TA17 – Somerset, England

urban Street with side walk

(Image credit: Future PLC/Somerset by Alun Callender)

While if you live in these postcodes already it may not be great news, for those house hunting it could signal a great place to start searching – to bag a bargain property.

2. LL43 – Gwynedd, Wales

bridge with river viaduct

(Image credit: Future PLC/Northumberland by Polly Eltes)

4. HU20 – East Riding of Yorkshire, England

Gwyedd Wales

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Gwyedd Wales by Paul Barker)

8. SA47 – Dyfed, Wales

castle fortification

(Image credit: Future PLC/North Yorkshire by Polly Eltes)

'There are numerous factors that can lead to house price drops, which are usually symptomatic of each other,' explains Gavin Brazg, TheAdvisory Founder & CEO. 'When buyer demand in a particular area consistently drops, or houses are left on the market for too long (usually because of the decrease in demand), homeowners will often be advised to lower their house price – in order to make a sale. This marks the perfect time for buyers to swoop in knowing they have the upper hand in negotiations and bag themselves a bargain.'

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Gavin goes on to advise, 'When selling in a falling market, the longer you sit on the market the less you’re likely to sell for. The best way for sellers to strengthen their position in a falling market is to price conservatively from the start.'

'And choose a local, trusted estate agent who truly knows the market to position your home within it for a fast sale.'


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