The new Hive Thermostat Mini is both smart and stylish – here are 3 reasons why we love it

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The new Hive Thermostat Mini is modern, sleek, and packed with smart features to help you better manage your energy bills.

We all want to make sure that our home is well-protected, but after spending months perfecting your space, adding a regular thermostat could clash with your home design. Thermostats are an essential part of managing your heating and energy usage at home, and the Hive Thermostat Mini (opens in new tab) not only comes packed with features to make life easier, but it has a small and stylish design that will fit right in with any style.

The Hive Thermostat Mini is packed full of intuitive features that can help you reduce your carbon footprint and could save you up to £110 a year*, by helping you to never heat an empty home. These features are found within the Hive app and often can work in the background to manage your heating usage, drive down energy costs, even if you're away from home."

1. The design

Hive control on a white painted brick wall

Everyone needs a smart thermostat, but they don’t all look the part when sat on a shelf or mounted to a wall. With the new Hive Thermostat Mini you can have both style and next generation smart heating (opens in new tab) functions, which is why it recently won the 2021 GOOD DESIGN® Award.

It has a reflective front panel that will emulate any home design, whether it’s monochrome or bright and colourful. And because Hive has moved many of its features onto the Hive app, the new Mini is smaller than earlier models while still offering an impressive range of functions.

2. Control from anywhere

Even if you stick to a pretty regular routine, a thermostat can’t always account for those days when you have to pop out unexpectedly. Thanks to geolocation technology, the Hive Thermostat Mini can tell when you’ve left the house and send you a notification to remind you to adjust your heat settings.

Hive Mini Thermostat cut out

You can also connect the Hive Thermostat Mini to a Hive Door Sensor (opens in new tab) in Hive App, so the heating turns off between certain times automatically when the door is opened; meaning you’ll never have to worry about whether you left the heating on when you head out for the day.

3. Adapt to the seasons

The Hive Thermostat Mini has Frost Protection, meaning it will adapt your heating when the temperature drops below 7°C to prevent your pipes from freezing. This is ideal for those winters where you may be out of the house for long periods of time, but you’re nervous about lowering the heating in case temperatures drop. Simply control remotely using the Hive app to keep your home in top condition, even when you’re away.

New Hive customers can pick up the Hive Thermostat Mini for just £119, and if you’re already using a Hive Hub, it’s just £59.

*Savings based on an average annual energy consumption of 10,578 kWh at (3.8p per kWh). Carbon saved per year: 488.2 Kg CO2e (0.184kg of CO2e per kWh). Savings achieved could be higher or lower depending on the weather, previous energy usage, energy tariff, home and heating system properties and home heating habits.

Millie Fender
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