The Royal Mail reveals the best Easter-related street and house names in the UK

These egg-cellent street and house names are all inspired by Easter and the advent of spring

Did you know that there are over 66,000 Easter-linked street names in the UK? Maybe yours is already on the list!

An analysis of over 30 million addresses across the UK unveils the 1,500 separate towns and cities that are home to at least one Easter-connected name.

hop street white board with yellow flower and blue wall

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Exeter, Norwich, Ipswich and Tunbridge Wells are officially the nation’s ‘Easter hotspots’ – with the highest concentration of related street monikers.

daffodil street board with brick wall and green plant

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The South East is the most Easter-enthused region, with almost 14,000 street and house names, from ‘April Rise’ in Whitstable to Southampton’s ‘St. Bonnet’s Drive’.

ester mews street board with cloudy sky

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A selection of the more unusual monikers include Billericay’s ‘Break Egg Hill’ and ‘Easter Bell Rock Lane’ in Aberdeen. And as if that wasn't bonkers enough, some of the other more hopping mad choices for street and house monikers include ‘Bonnet Hall’, ‘Lamb Plot’ in Sherborne and ‘Hop Leasow’ in Birmingham.

lamb street with car and exterior of houses

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palm grove street board with black colour pole

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Lambs, bunnies and the various animals of spring have provided rich content for the naming of the nation’s streets and houses, with over 1,500 related addresses ranging from ‘Lamb Lane’ in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, to ‘Bunny’ in Nottinghamshire.

black and white bunny park board with wooden fence

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'We deliver mail to over 30 million addresses, six days a week, which puts us in the unique position of having direct access to all the amazing street and house names across Britain. The results of our analysis always reveal something meaningful and interesting about our nation. In this case, it’s fascinating to see the impact of Easter and the advent of spring on UK addresses,' says Steve Rooney, Head of Royal Mail Address Management Unit.

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Do you live on an Easter-inspired street? Can you think of funnier Easter monikers?

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