Fabulosa reveals one safe cleaning tip we often totally forget

It's an important step to protect us from nasty fumes
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  • Cleaning has become much more than a chore. For many, it’s a calming ritual – for others, a borderline obsession.

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    But as we spend more time disinfecting, hoovering, and mopping our homes, we need to be aware of potential dangers to our health. Scented cleaning product company Fabulosa shares an easily forgotten tip to help us clean safely.

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    Fabulosa’s safe cleaning tip

    ‘One of the most important things to remember when cleaning is to ensure proper ventilation,’ a Fabulosa spokesperson comments. ‘Make sure there is an open window or door to help keep fumes at bay.’

    Fabulosa highlights that many cleaning products contain strong and harmful chemicals. These can cause irritation to the lungs and exacerbate respiratory conditions and other health problems if inhaled.

    cleaning tip

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    ‘We tend to think air quality refers to the outdoors, but indoor air quality is just as important,’ Fabulosa continues. ‘Keeping windows open and ensuring a healthy level of ventilation at all times of the year – not just when cleaning – will reduce your exposure to pollutants and limit the risk of respiratory problems.’

    The cleaning company also says that it’s important to remember that cleaning products are made up of chemicals and cleaning agents that fight against viruses, bacteria, and germs, and must be used with caution.

    cleaning tip

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    First came the Hinch Army, growing in numbers ever since Mrs Hinch’s home account launched in 2018. Then came an explosion of TikTok cleaning hacks set to incredibly catchy music. Coupled with a global pandemic, it’s no wonder cleaning has become such a big deal.

    Next time you’re doing some cleaning, make sure you keep as many windows open as possible. Lynsey Crombie, AKA The Queen of Clean also recommends keeping the house cold while you’re cleaning, as you’ll get the job done quicker.

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