Stacey Solomon's washing line hack means no folding OR ironing - fans are calling it a game-changer

This simple laundry tip is one of the best

When it comes to ways of making laundry less time-consuming, we're all ears. Stacey Solomon fans are raving about a simple trick that involves putting fresh washing on a clothes hanger before hanging them up to dry – something Stacey has probably learned on the Sort Your Life Out show.

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Posting on Facebook group Stacey Solomon Inspired Organising/Clean Home Tips and Tricks, busy mum Emma shared a pic of her washing line. Captioning the photo, she wrote, 'I saw Stacey do this once on her stories and decided to give it a go, game changer.'

Stacey Solomon's washing line hack

Clothes hung on hangers on washing line to dry without creasing

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By leaving your t-shirts and trousers to dry on a hanger – out on the washing line or on a drying rack – they'll dry with fewer creases. When hanging clothes directly on an airer, some creases are inevitable where the material folds around the metal of the rack.

Likewise, pegs tend to leave a mark on clothing. But by putting the wet clothes directly onto a hanger straight out of the washing machine, you help them to dry crease-free. When drying clothes indoors on a rack, using hangers also gives the clothes more air.

Clothes might not look perfectly pressed, but you can definitely get away with not ironing them. For more from the Tap to Tidy author, we tried Stacey Solomon’s unusual coat hanger hack for making the bed - and it worked!

Laundry powder and cleaning brushes below shelf with various cleaning items

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Plus, you can consult our guide on how to wash clothes to make sure you're doing it as efficiently as possible. Our care and cleaning channel is also brimming with advice.

Other members of the group shared their tips. One suggested using washing line clothes hanger hooks available at Amazon, so you don't have to use pegs.

Hanging clothes in this way, then giving them a quick spray with a Lenor Crease Release product, is another way to save time ironing.

Emma said that Stacey Solomon's washing line hack had really helped her as it means her children can put their clothes away themselves. It also means a lot less time spent folding.

Pantry with basin, washing machine and laundry baskets

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Her Facebook post attracted hundreds of likes and comments. One wrote, 'Oh wow! What a fabulous idea! I love it!'

Another said, 'I do this with kids' school uniforms. Dry, hung up, and no creases.'

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Admittedly, the Great British climate doesn't always make drying clothes out in our gardens easy. However, on dry days it's by far the best method.

Will you be trying this hack?

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