Prepare to be floored by this impressive staircase makeover – unbelievably it cost just £65!

See how one women totally transformed her stairs on a budget
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  • We love a real life home transformation. In a world where we’re flooded with designer looking homes for inspiration, we’re never short of ideas. But where we sometimes fall short is having the budget to emulate said ideas in our own homes. That’s where social media and clever DIY enthusiasts come to the rescue. Case and point with this incredible staircase makeover.

    More than just visually pleasing the impressive transformation cost a total of just £65. Yes you read that right – sixty.five.pounds!

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    Take a look to see the impressive results for yourself…

    Staircase makeover before

    staircase makeover

    Photo credit: Nicole Kelly

    DIY fan Nicole Kelly shared the impressive, budget-savvy staircase transformation with Facebook group ‘Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group’.

    Asking Nicole how she went about the makeover, she told us, ‘I lifted the carpet and underlay, removed the carpet grippers and a couple hundred staples and nails (this was the most time consuming part)’.

    ‘Next I hovered them, wiped them down, filled the holes and imperfections with Polyfilla and sanded the stairs using an orbital hand sander.’ Explain how long it took Nicole says, ‘roughly 5 mins per stair.’

    staircase makeover

    Photo credit: Nicole Kelly

    ‘I used masking tape to protect the skirting. I painted two coats of floor paint, leaving roughly 2 days between coats to give the paint time to harden.’

    Nicole advises, ‘Although the paint was touch dry after about 10 hours, it’s best to keep the pets away if you have them for about 3 days, so block off the stairs if possible.’

    staircase makeover

    Photo credit: Nicole Kelly

    ‘ I then used vinyl stickers on the stair risers. Cutting them to size, and although they were sticky I still used some spray glue (which I already had at home) to ensure they stay in place.’

    ‘Applying them can be a little fiddly but it’s not difficult. You just need patience, ‘ Nicole offers assuringly.

    ‘I finally added transparent stair grips, to prevent any slipping.’

    Staircase makeover after

    Staircase makeover

    Photo credit: Nicole Kelly

    Nicole, from Southampton, was overwhelmed with complimentary comments on the Facebook page – and rightly so!

    Of course, there are always conflicting opinions. The main concern from one or two followers was that of safety, worrying the painted stairs would cause slipping. We’ve checked, Nicole has confirmed, ‘Not one person has slipped in the 6 weeks they have been painted, because of the specialist floor paint and grips. They are also still scratch free 🙂’.

    Job incredibly well done we say, thanks for the inspiration Nicole.

    Photo credit: Nicole Kelly

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