9 things only AGA owners know to be true

Because an Aga is for life, not just for Christmas

Do you own an Aga already or dream of buying one? Either way, enjoy our fun insights into life with an Aga and why owning one will be a happy long-term affair and one of the best decisions you'll ever make!

1. Agas are multi-tasking magicians...

multi tasking with laundry and cooking

(Image credit: Aga)

Laundry to dry? The house to heat? Dinner to cook? Chilly hands to warm and soggy boots to dry? All in a day's work for your Aga! Not to mention the fact that it'll cut down on your ironing as it dries things flat... (hoorah!)

2. They're better than a conventional oven!

oven and shelves with plants

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It's a myth that Agas are notoriously difficult to cook with. In fact, they're arguably easier and more convenient than conventional ovens, they're just different, so prepare yourself for a bit of practice to make perfect. Just like cooking on BBQs or open fires, they're great when you're familiar with them.

3. An Aga will be the heart of your home.

room with utensil and cats

(Image credit: Agas)

Animals and humans alike will flock to its side to warm, snuggle and lean for a good old chin-wag over a nice hot cuppa.... Which leads us onto our next point...

4. You'll never have to drink a cold cuppa again!

kitchen with cabinet and cup

(Image credit: Aga)

The Aga top will never let filled cups and teapots go cold, so your mug of tea or coffee will be as warm for as long as you can make it last! It's also a great place for keeping make-ahead sauces and gravies warm and ready to go...

5. Agas have their own personality.

room with small table and drawers

(Image credit: Aga)

We're serious! There's something so warm and friendly about Agas with their comforting creaks as the heat warms through the ovens and their reassuring tuts and puffs as pots cook away on the stove top. Before you know it, you'll have named it Shelia and it'll be part of the family.

6. You'll save money on central heating.

room with central heating and folks

(Image credit: Aga)

They warm your house from the kitchen up and that means you don't need to put the heating on in the winter as early as Aga-less folks might.
 They're also fab if you're at home all day and having the central heating on all the time is a no-no.

7. They make the best toast

brick wall with toasters and spoon

(Image credit: Aga)

Chuck out your toasters! Toast doesn't get any better than when it's cooked on an Aga. Watch out, though – it'll go from crisp and crunchy to charred in a flash so keep your eye on it.

8. They're more convenient than people think!

woman is cooking

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Most Agas are switched on all the time (although some have timers and can be turned down or off) which means they're always ready to use and don't need to be heated up, so hungry hoards (or husbands!) can be cooked for in minutes. Better still, put something in the bottom cooler oven in the morning and it's ready when you come home at night!

9. Aga-cooked food is simply the best

brick wall and utensils

(Image credit: Aga)

If you haven't eaten food cooked in an Aga before, you haven't lived! As it uses r

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